Best Strategies for Parents of Preschoolers to use in Working with Teachers

Parents Can Deal With Preschoolers and the Teachers

First all parents be aware: children have been known to cry when you leave them at preschool. That does not mean the teacher is mean to them, it just means sometimes kids cry. Do not try to make it better, it will not, sometimes it will make things worse. But usually after you leave, your child will stop. I am just saying, it will happen, most especially at the beginning.

Parents always know their children better than anyone else. They have given birth to them, they have showed them how to walk and to talk, and then they bring them to preschool. For some parents this is an emotional experience, a milestone in their child’s development. This is the first time for some parents, to ‘let go’ of the their child and allow someone to share their lives.

Teachers have been educated on how to take care of preschoolers and will watch them carefully. Children are in no danger of being hurt or uncared for, in a usual environment. But a child entering preschool will handle it as well as the mother will allow him or her to do that. Keep good realtionships with the teachers and you will be an involvoled parent, a happy one. Thus, having a happy child who loves going to reschool.

Do not always expect the teacher to give a verbal or written run down on your child’s day. She/he is a busy, busy person, but you can count on the teacher getting with you if there was a problem for the day.

If a parent hangs around the classroom, just to watch the child, because they are apprehensive, then there is tension with the teacher. The teacher can not complete their job if a parent is looking over their shoulder all the time. So if a parent wants to know how their child is doing on a day to day basis, the best thing to do, is volunteer at the classroom, but remembering they themselves are at the beckon call of rules the teacher has made. The parent only assists the teacher, the parent is not the one in charge. We, as parents, must have confidence in the preschool teacher, and let her do her job. If there is some real reason, you do not feel this is working out, and you have discussed this with the teacher, the principal, there are other preschools. But if a parent is going to volunteer, they must listen to what the teacher says because what the teacher says, goes.

If you can not physically volunteer in the classroom, sign up for things to do. Maybe there is a party and parents could all bring one item of food to help. Maybe there is a field trip, chaperons will be needed. But remember, even on a field trip, the teacher is in charge of the day. This is her or his job. They must be allowed to do their jobs as freely as possible, without disruption in the classroom. As parents, we should encourage our children to listen to their teacher and do as they are told. This is an ideal time for children to learn to respect their teachers.

And lastly, if the preschool does not report a day to day progress of your child, do not be offended. Sometimes, teachers will only tell you if there is a problem. They are busy people, they do their best and they have many people to please. So, if you seriously want to discuss your child, ask for an appointment or at worst, maybe an email address. My advise is, if the teacher is not telling you of any problems, your child comes home happy, then do not rock the boat. If parents remain unanxiuos around their children, things will go better. This is only the beginning of a long, happy experience with your child and their education. Good Luck! And chill, it is not as bad as you think it is.:)