Best Ways to Show Kids about Liking Books

Books are an integral part of every preschool classroom. Children have an insatiable thirst for books, and the preschool teacher can take advantage of this by incorporating a bulletin board with the theme of I like books. Preschool teachers can make use of many different ideas for the bulletin board, as long as there is a component of reading and listening to stories.

A great bulletin board idea for the theme of I like books is to have each child make a book about themselves, including pictures of family members and pets, favourite books, foods,movies, television shows, and music. The children could also write a poem that would be included in the booklet. These books, which could be done either by hand, or from computer images. No matter what, the books could be displayed upon the bulletin board, and each day, every child could have the opportunity to have their book presented, either by them or the teacher. The children could also look at each other’s books whenever they wanted to, which would be a great way to build a sense of community in the classroom. The respect for other students could grow, as well as the maturity levels, confidence, and self-esteem of the preschool students. The preschool teacher could help facilitate the proper use of this bulletin board concept.

Bulletin boards are great for catching the eye of the students, and for encouraging them to learn more. A bulletin board theme for I like books could be one in which several famous books are strewn about the board, with memorable quotes from the books saturating the remaining spaces. Visual images could capture the essence of the books, inspiring the preschool children to want to read. For example, there could be a picture of the cow jumping over the moon, which is a noted line from Goodnight, Moon. The children could even be encouraged to create their own book covers for some famous stories, or perhaps even change the endings of their favourite books, which would allow them to use their creativity and imagination.

Within a preschool classroom, the bulletin board is essential. I like books not only encourages children to want to read, or to sit and listen to a story, but it will begin to promote literacy in the classroom, a skill which will be taken with them for the rest of their lives. Bulletin boards are for more than just cute pictures and inspirational sayings, they can be a group effort to showcase their reading likes and interests.