Bulletin board ideas for preschools: I like Autumn!

There’s a lot for children to like about autumn. There are leaves to shuffle through, crisp blue skies and, of course, fat pumpkins on front porches. Choose from the following ideas to build a preschool bulletin board titled, “I like autumn!”

Trees and leaves

Ask for a student volunteer who would like to be a “tree.” Have them stretch out on a large piece of plain or brown craft paper and trace around their body for the trunk of the tree. Next, move their arms to different heights or positions and draw around them for tree limbs.

Cut out the shape of the tree and attach it to the bulletin board. For leaves, give each preschooler a few tissue paper squares about the size of their hands. Tell them “we are going to pretend these are leaves, and you can help me put them on the tree.” 

Have one or two students to come forward and place their tissue on dots of glue which you will place on and near the branches. Once each child has a turn, the glue should be dry and leaves firmly attached. Now show the students how they can “very gently scrunch the tissue a bit around the edges. This will make it look like real leaves.”  

On the tree limbs, write things children like to do in autumn, such as “jump in the leaves, play outside, go on hay rides, visit a pumpkin patch.” Now take individual pictures of your preschoolers and place them on branches and leaves to finish the tree.

Pumpkin patch

This is a fun, tactile bulletin board with a large pumpkin made of fabric. Dig in your own sewing basket or ask parents, grandparents and fellow teachers to contribute scraps of fabric.  You will cut them in strips or squares, depending on the pumpkin design you choose.

If possible, select different patterns and textures of fabric for this project. Corduroy, velvet, cotton calico, satins and plush fabrics are ideal for a tactile experience. Fabric color choices include tans, orange, peach, green and gold – all of which can show up on the sides of a real pumpkin.  

To make the pumpkin, cut a large circle out of stiff card stock, Styrofoam or  sturdy cardboard. Next, use fabric glue to attach a layer or two of cotton quilt batting for a bit of softness. Then, have children take turns gluing strips of fabric in a vertical direction. (Or, you can make a patchwork pattern, instead.)

Be sure to extend the fabric to and over the edges of the pumpkin so it will stay in place. If necessary, place a few small staples around the border of the completed pumpkin.

It’s time to attach the pumpkin to your “I like autumn!” bulletin board. If the board is at the children’s level, tell children they are welcome to touch it gently. Encourage them to talk about the different colors and textures. Around the pumpkin, place colorful silk leaves or hand-made leaves the children make in class. 

By tracing around their hands on red, orange and yellow paper, you have a “leaf” shape.  You can also find maple and oak leaf patterns to color by clicking here. Scroll down the page to the maple and oak links and click to view and print them. For an added touch, check out the website “bordersetsbyinge” and print some friendly, colorful squirrels for your board.

Either one of these “I like autumn!” bulletin board ideas – Trees and leaves or Pumpkin Patch – will be a nice addition to your classroom.  Working beside you, preschool children learn creative ways to welcome the colorful, autumn season.