Cheese sandwich leads to child being suspended from daycare

People are always looking towards the future with a sense of wonderment. Flying cars and cures for horrible diseases are supposedly things that will come to pass down the road. However, sometimes it is nice to look back and think about how simple things used to be.

Watch old reruns of the Brady Bunch or Leave it to Beaver and it reminds one of a time long since disappeared. Kids could play without fear of being kidnapped from in front of their houses. There was not a continual threat of drugs running rampant on the streets around them.

Oh, there is one other thing that did not seem as prevalent back in the day. Food allergies were almost non-existent, so parents did not have to worry about what kind of sandwich or snacks to put in a child’s lunchbox. Well, that is certainly not the case anymore. Schools have become increasingly strict about what a child brings into school.

For those who do not believe that, one need look no further than an Ontario daycare for a keen example. Recently, a young child was levied a three day suspension from her daycare. What was the reason for such a harsh penalty being given to a child in daycare? It turns out that the little girl entered the building with a cheese sandwich in her pocket.

The child’s father, Randy Murray, was summoned back to school and asked to take his child home. He looked at the employees dumbfounded, wondering what the little child had done? When he was told that she had pulled a cheese sandwich out of her pocket, he gazed incredulously. The father had trouble getting the kids together that morning, so they did not have time for breakfast.

Instead, he made them cheese sandwiches for the ride to school. Unbeknownst to him, his daughter stashed the sandwich in her pocket to save for later. It was a simple misunderstanding, which he thought the school would understand. Instead, the suspension was upheld, under the guise of the child violating their strict policy on outside food being brought in.

Mr. Murray has since removed his child from the daycare and will be a stay at home dad for a while. He found the suspension baffling because of the circumstances of the food being brought in. The school though felt they had little choice, with what they believed to be at stake. This takes the discussion back to the allergy topic.

Allergic reactions have taken on a life of their own in the past twenty years. Where once it was rare to have a child with these issues, now they are somewhat commonplace. Schools and daycares have a duty to protect everyone that enters their doors, regardless of reason.

While some might think the actions taken in this case were extreme, one needs to look at what could have happened. If the child had pulled the sandwich out later and a child with a dairy allergy took a bite, the school could have a disaster on its hands. The child could have a bad reaction and die. That could lead to lawsuits, not to mention the grief an affected family might feel.