Counting and Rhyme Games are Good Starters for Pnonic Learning

Phonics are fun to learn for young children and they pick up on the sounds quickly. Start your phonics session for your first grader at Mrs. Alphabet’s Place. This computer game is played on the keyboard and the purpose is to learn the alphabet.  Most of the letters are filled in on the simulated keyboard and is sounded out loud and clear. A blank key means the child has to fill in that one.  This is a repetitive game where children can easily learn their letters, how they sound, and in what order.

From the Harcourt School website another link—there’s oodles of links— is suggested. This one is Letter TV songs.  This is a delightful musical way to learn the sounds of the alphabet in songs. Across the screen the colorful alphabets are arranged from A to Z. they suggest you select a letter song. For this purpose the letter E was chosen and the song began. The letter E dangles—or dances to the tune until it is finished.

“An enormous elephant eating eggplants!  Everyone is watching them enjoying their dance, / Eight enormous elephants eating egg plants. /Electric eels and earthworms plan [?play] with eensy-weensy ants.”

While that may not be too enticing, the letter M is a little more enticing. The music is slow and is rhythmic and is a wonderful way to get phonics across to kindergartners and first graders.

The M puts you in the mood for more munching!  “Ice monsters, they’re melting! / Dancing mummies show their tummies. / The Ice monsters keep on melting, /  While each mummy eats something yummy.”

Whether “it’s time for tea on the table; Apes and Ants do a dance; To be or not to be; Come on and circle dance with me; Ding Dong open the door,” or whatever, this site is bound to entertain the little ones, and the teacher too! Come on kids let’s dance up to the Z, she’s likely to say for them to see.

Game Goo is another screechy and scary site that will teach children about sounds. As an example, Monkey business is just that, something for the little ones to monkey around with. Rain Forest Run-around is where children count to six while jumping from one part of a sentence to another. The sentence is divided into three parts and the child must click on 1 to 2 to 3 in order for the monkey to jump from one tree to another. The idea of this game is teach sentence structure as well as word recognition.

Goo Game is divided into three different levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced. In addition to Monkey Business there’s “Paw Park Kangaroo Confusion; Wizards and Pigs Poetry Pickle; Tina’s World Buggy Trails” and much more.

Fisher-Price has learning tools for phonics. A sampling of it shows three sections, Teach, Sound and See. The first is the sound of the letter, a word used by that letter and see is the finished learning session. It’s a game where the child interacts and is applauded when he or she gets it right.

Parents and teacher as well as the children will have fun with these websites designed to teach phonics. It’s a known fact that learning is easier when there’s fun and games involved.