Create a Reading Friendly Home for Children

Homes filled with reading material are not only exciting and adventurous but give kids a great way to become enthusiastic about education and of course reading. Create a reading friendly home by having a wide variety of books and magazines that are age appropriate and might interest them based on what they like. Creating a home library is the ideal way to get kids reading and keep them reading for the future. Parents and children can read together, or the children can read on their own.

Make a reading area

Kids Health suggests giving children a special place for them to do their reading such as a reading corner. This will show you respect their privacy and believe they deserve a space of their own to explore and use their imagination while reading.  

This area should be a quiet place where there will be few to no distractions. This means there should be no radio, television or if possible outside noise. Next it is important to make sure the area has a chair the child can sit in. This seat can be their favorite chair, or a nice comfortable floor pillow. No matter the chair, it is important to make sure it is the right size for the child and that they can be comfortable in it. After all, the child may get lost in the book and find their self sitting there for a few hours.

More important than a cozy chair is a well lit area. This can be somewhere that has a wide open uncovered window, or a place with a very bright lamp(s) for reading. This will give the child a way to read during the day time and at night before bed.

Create a library

Once the nook or reading area has been created it is important to begin creating the library itself. While a child might have a wide variety of topics that interest them, it is important to keep the library as large as their imagination. Picking books that are meant for their age range is a wonderful idea to get the library started.

If as a parent you are unsure of what types of books or magazines your child is interested in, ask them! There’s nothing wrong with asking your children what type of books they enjoy. They might have read a book at school, or something you read when they were younger that is their favorite. Perhaps they’re ready to move on to young adult books. Go with your gut when it comes to creating a library if all else fails.

Some children are above other children their age when it comes to their reading level. If they have a higher reading level then most children their age, then take them to a library or book store such as Barnes and Noble, and let them choose their own books. If you are uncertain if a Young Reader or Young Adult, book is appropriate for them read it before they do. For instance, Twilight is great for young teenagers, but may not be appropriate for a child in their primary school years. It’s all up to you as a parent what your children read.

Improve the library

After the library has been created kids might get bored or finish all the books in it. It is important to keep the library fresh and new, just like a local library. Libraries and book stores are constantly holding book sales where a person who loves reading can find new books. Go and find new books for the home library and get things going.

If your child does not have one yet, get a local library card. The possibilities are endless at a library and they will be able to check out a few books at a time. The same goes for their school library. Find out how they can get a library card at their school so they can get more books from there also.

As a child, reading can be not only about escaping from homework and chores, but give a world of imagination and knowledge without them realizing. Perhaps they are interested in sharks, or dinosaurs; picking up a book from the local library, a yard sale, or even a book store on these subjects can keep them entertained and give them knowledge on their favorite subjects.

So don’t wait another second, get the children to a library or book store and start picking out books. They can be books that you read when you were a child that you loved, or books that they saw advertised in the Scholastic book sales that you missed out on because payday wasn’t that week.

No matter where a child is, reading can take them on a never ending adventure. So why wait? Read to your children at an early age, and keep them reading as they get older. They’ll thank you for it, as will their children as they pass on the tradition and pastime of reading.