Drama is a Boon to Young Children

Preschool is the first stepping stone that children take on a lifelong journey through academia. The learning process never ceases and desists, it just sort of hides on us from time to time. The lessons learned in preschool prove to be invaluable as children grow and mature into well-rounded, healthy adults.

There are a lot of good reasons why drama should be utilized in the preschool classroom. Drama helps a young child enhance their creativity, unleash their imagination and boost their self-esteem and confidence levels, and it provides them with a productive outlet for their physicality and gives them a voice to be heard.

Drama is very important for preschool. A child’s creative juices need to be exercised and explored. Through creative play such as drama, preschool children can creatively see the world through a different set of eyes.  A creative child is comfortable within his or her own skin, which is something that will serve them well throughout the duration of their life.

The growth of imagination in a preschool child can be very productive. Learning how to control their imagination and put it into practice is a great by-product of drama in the preschool classroom. With imagination, kids can escape the walls of reality and soar to unfathomable heights, visiting unattainable places.

Fueling the imagination of a child will give them an active outlet for their mind. A child with a vivid imagination can make the most of alone time, and can socialize well within their peer group. When a child is allowed to dream, they just may set heights for themselves that truly are within reach.

Preschool children have lots to learn about the world in which they live, and one thing they will need to have on their side is self-esteem and confidence. The world of drama can help boost these areas by allowing them to do things in front of their friends that they may not otherwise have done. Learning how to play different roles allows children to see that there are all sorts of people in the world, and they may discover that they like being a certain way.

A strong voice, as taught in drama, can ensure that the preschool child is heard when necessary. Many children are passive and timid, but knowing how to use their voice so that they can be heard may behoove them greatly as they navigate their way through the school system.

Children have an abundance of energy, and this needs to be harnessed during the preschool hours. Drama can help in this regard, as the children can go through active warm-ups as well as exerting their energy during their skits.

Great drama activities include puppetry and mirroring, as well as role playing at certain stations. Puppetry gives preschool children a sense of spatial awareness, and lets them have a voice, but not be seen. This can give them an added boost of confidence.

Mirroring lets children laugh and be silly. It also forces them to follow instructions and pay close attention to detail. When children mirror, they are also imitating their peers, perhaps learning new things. Mirroring can also give the preschool child a chance to explore their body and watch it move in new, mysterious ways.

Drama is a wonderful way for preschool children to learn about themselves, their environment and the role that they play within their own society. Kids can learn an awful lot through active drama and role playing. The lessons will be enjoyed and immensely purposeful.