Easy Pom Pom Crafts

Preschool crafts help children express themselves. When they complete a craft, they proudly share them with anyone who will look. Simplicity is required for crafts made by young children. Pom poms easily make crafts that little hands can create. Grab a bag of pom poms, craft paper, glue and clothes pins and you begin crafting with your child right now! 


Preschoolers are fascinated with rainbows. Help your little one make their own personal rainbow to hang in their room. Cut a wide rainbow arch out of a piece of strong cardboard. Layer it with rainbow-colored pom poms. On the bottom arch, place a layer of school glue. Have your preschooler add a row of red pom poms. Continue adding a row of glue after each previous row. Layer the pom poms in order, adding orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Check here for a visual aid.  Add a punched hole on the top of the big arch and add string. Hang it up.


No insect is more beloved than the woolly caterpillar, an insect that is easy to create with pom poms. The fun thing is, you even have options. 

A clothes pin note holder looks adorable with a caterpillar adorning it. Start at the end of the clothes pin that opens. Glue small pom poms all the way up the pin. At the top, glue a larger pom pom. Add wiggly eyes to the big pom pom. Add a magnetic strip to the bottom of the clothes pin. Put it on the refrigerator to hold notes.

“A Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle is a classic that children love. Cut out a heavy-duty cardboard caterpillar in an arch in the shape of the caterpillar on the cover of the book. Let your preschooler glue two 1 1/2-inch black pipe cleaners on one end of the cardboard. Add a one red pom pom over the pipe cleaners. Add wiggly eyes. Then give them blue and green pom poms to create the body. 


What child doesn’t love chasing butterflies. Give your a white piece of sturdy art paper. Draw the outline of a butterfly and let your little one paint in the wings. When the paint dries, put a line of glue done the middle of the wings. Fill in the space with small pom poms. Use a black marker to add the antennae. 


Spiders are fun for kids, especially if they don’t bite. Cut out a black spider body for construction paper. Glue two black pom poms onto the body. Take four black chenille sticks. Twist two groups of two together. Fashion two sets of four legs with a flat place in the middle. The legs should stand on their own. Glue to paper on to the legs. Find a fun place for your spider to set.

Pom pom crafts are limitless. Once your preschooler has completed this list, remember that you can make almost any animal you can thing of with a few supplies and a bag of pom poms.