Educational Activities for Scruffy Bear and the six White Mice by Chris Wormell

Scruffy Bear and the Six White Mice, by Chris Wormell is a tale of bravery and kindness. Six mice who are scared of the animals in the forest are rescued by Scruffy Bear who thinks of ingenious ways of hiding his new companions. This story is ideal for a key stage 1 (5-7) in a primary school and can be used cross-curricular in the classroom or as a starting point for particular subjects.


After reading the story there are a range of activities the children can make their own books or storyboards about Scruffy Bear and the Six White Mice. This will show if they can sequence and recall the plot. A picture of the bear can be provided and the children can use adjectives to label it. Jumbled up sentences can be rearranged and sentences with mistakes in them can help the children check and edit work.


Problems can be made up regarding the number of animals, the time or distance taken for their journey. Positional language can be explored such as through the forest or next to the tree. Younger children can revisit counting or look at even numbers.


The story involves a journey.  The children can think about the different journeys they take, or use it to compare the forest scene with a town or city.


The setting is in a forest and this is ideal for children who are studying animals and their habitats, living things and plants. A topic on night and day will also relate to this and the children can draw the different creatures they can find in a forest and where they might live such as a bird living in a tree or a fox in a den.

Art/Design and Technology

Using a shoe box the children can create their own 3d woodland scene. Masks can be made and the children can use these for role play. The beautiful illustrations are inspiring and children who are exploring the use of charcoal, painting or crayons can use this to draw woodland scenes or individual animals.  


The wood is a spooky place at night and using percussion the children can create their own atmospheric music to play as part of the story.


Music programs, researching about the author, his other works or the animals are ways in which ICT can be linked to this book.

Overall, Scruffy Bear and the Six White Mice is an interesting story. The examples above are a  guide to how this can be used creatively in the primary classroom.