Educational Activities for were going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, by Michael Rosen, is a delightful tale that opens itself up to fun learning experiences. Parents and preschool teachers will enjoy leading their youngsters with these activities. It will even teach older kids a thing or two.

Learn the words to the story. Use the book or check them out on this web page. 

What could be better than sharing the author, Michael Rosen, and his delightful story through the wonder of the Internet? Listen and watch We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by clicking here. Have the children mimic the actions of Mr. Rosen as they sing along.

Create a play scene for the song and let your kids move the pieces throughout the song. There are some great, free pictures that complement the song on the home school creations website. Click here to check it out. Glue the pictures on to felt and create your own felt board. If there are several children, give each their own set or choose a different child each time you sing the song.

Enjoy the story over and over. Create a lap book with your child or class. Download the file at Home School Share. Click here. Glue two file folders together to make the book. As you study the elements in the lap book material, the materials are completed and added to the folders. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is a great way to introduce a study on bears. Follow it up with a bear hunt at the closest zoo.

Read and reread the book with your children. After the first reading, ask the kids to act out the story. When the story is repetitious, ask the kids to say the parts with you. When you are done, have each child draw a favorite part of the story.

Use the story to help a child learn to read better. Click here for lesson plan ideas you can use from

Teach a beginner course in prepositions with this clever little song. As you go on the pretend bear hunt, go over, under and through obstacles such as doors or chairs. Give older students a copy of the poem and have them identify and draw the prepositions in pictures that go along with the story. 

Use the bear hunt story to encourage writing skills. Just as The Three Little Pigs has been written and rewritten, have students rewrite the story to be a wolf hunt, a lion hunt, an elephant hunt…you get the idea. Let them put on little skits and share their plays with the other kids.

There are many things you can do with the story, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. The most important thing you will ever do with this story is to use it to teach kids to love stories. Use these ideas and share the fun.