Flat Stanley a Friend to all

It all started back in 1964 when Jeff Brown wrote a book called “Flat Stanley”. The book was about a boy named Stanley. He had a bulletin board fall on him and it smashed him flat.  Stanley quickly learned that there were advantages to being flat. He could slip under doors, be flown like a kite and be mailed to all sort of fun locations with a simple stamp. The book was successful in its time, but more recently teachers have become creative and Flat Stanley has become a great learning tool.

In 1994, Dale Hubert, began the Flat Stanley project in Ontario Canada. His idea was that each student would make their own Flat Stanley and mail them to friends and family around the world. Letters began coming back with the adventures that Flat Stanley was having.

This project inspired Jeff Brown, after 40 years, to write a new series of Flat Stanley books. Teachers began to realize that they could interest students in geography, math, social studies and all sorts of learning opportunities.

For example, how can anyone learn about math with a Flat Stanley project? How many Flat Stanleys did our class send out? How much did each stamp cost? How many send information back to us? How much did those stamps cost? What percentage of Flat Stanley’s responded back?

Maybe Flat Stanley will go to foreign land far away and he will return dressed in different clothing and tell the students all about what interesting food he ate. He may tell them about what the people did there and what kind of houses they live in.  He might send pictures and have lots of stories to tell.

Flat Stanley has gone hi-tech. He has a Facebook page. Flat Stanley tweets. He is truly amazing wherever he goes.

Classes all over the world are enjoying communication and sharing ideas. The world becomes smaller, kinder and perhaps a better place by simply sharing good news and ideas.

Celebrations like Peace Day, Hug Day, Earth Day, and Arbor Day are all holidays that can be celebrated and tweeted about. It is hard to find a student, anywhere, that does not appreciate getting something in the mail with their name on it and someone who wants to share with them.

There is even more good news. You can probably participate. Go here and read about the program. If you qualify, start posting, mailing and reach out to the world. Go here and enjoy a tune.