Fun Ways for Preschoolers to Make a my Hands Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards are a great way to decorate a classroom or hallway. They are a way to display each students work.  Children grow so fast, it is a lot of fun to create a preschool bulletin board titled My Hands to display their little hands.

Items Needed

Colored card stock paper


Finger paints

Paper plate


White card stock paper


White computer paper


Cover the bulletin board with any color paper.  It must not be white so that the border will show up.

Trace each child’s hands on to a piece of white computer paper. Then have an adult cut each hand out. This may take a while.

Use these hands for the border of the bulletin board. Each student may have to have their hands traced twice to have enough hands for the border. Staple the hands to the edges of the bulletin board to make a border.

Another way to make the border is to cut strips of white computer paper 6” wide and keep the length of the paper at 11” Have each student dip his or her hands in the paint and place it on the paper to make a border. Staple this to the bulletin board.

The title My Hands can be placed in the middle of the bulletin board.

There are several ways to decorate the board. First each student can draw his or her hands on a piece of colored card stock paper, cut the hands out and glue it to a white piece of card stock paper. The hands can be placed on the bulletin board with the child’s name in the middle of both hands.  This picture can be placed on the bulletin board.

This same thing can be done by having the children put their hands in the paint and putting their handprint on a piece of card stock paper.  The children can write their name on the paper and it can be placed on the bulletin board.

To add flair to the hand pictures, each student can have his or her picture taken and placed by his or her handprints.

Another way to display the handprints is to have each student place his or her hands into the paint, put the handprints on the paper with the thumbs touching. Then place the students name in between the hands.

Finally, a fun way to decorate the bulletin board is to have the students place their handprints all over the bulletin board paper before hanging it up. Let them dip their hands in paint and place handprints wherever they wish.

However, the handprints are displayed, a My Hands bulletin board will be cute to look at, and a lot of fun for the kids to create.