Give the child the love of reading

Reading is a gift that you can share with your child. It can bring magic and creative stories in the world of a child. It will give the child the ability to gather information and learn about any subject possible. It will give your child a foundation that will serve the child for an eternity. Reading is that important. Even better news, there are a plethora of ways to incorporate reading the child will enjoy it and it will never become a “chore”.

It is never too early to start

When the baby is in the womb it can hear. The baby hears mostly base. Since the hearing has to go through tissue the baby hears a distorted view, and yet the voice of the mother and father can calm the child. By week 24 the child can recognize the voices that have been consistent.

Reading is not like talking. It carries a different rhythm, tone and cadence. Your child can learn to enjoy these things in the womb and be ready for a lifetime of reading. If you want to give a great gift to someone who has just found out that she is pregnant, give her a library of children’s books. It can begin with just a few and keep growing. This can help set the tone for the child for an entire lifetime.

Make reading quality time

Reading should always be pleasant and it can be a bonding experience. When the child is small hold them as you read. Use gestures and include the child. Perhaps every time the character says a phrase you wiggle your nose or fingers. It really doesn’t matter what it is as long as it keeps the child involved.

Use every tool available

As a child grows there will be a lot more opportunities to read. A parent who is raising a reader will embrace it.

For example, if you are driving read billboards, road signs and include them in finding addresses. It will keep them engaged during the drive and increase the reading skills.

Ipads, tablets, and electronics are all a part of today’s world. Don’t fight it. Find ways to incorporate these tools into your realm of reading. If a young boy wants to read Ninja Farts or Captain Underpants, hooray.

One savvy tutor had a young child learn all about the person who created the video game before he was allowed to play the game. He did research on the characters as well. It became a great experience for the child.

Another parent has a rule that before any music is downloaded the child has to provide the lyrics and information about the song writer. Now it is not just music, it is reading.

Mix things up

Fill the bathtub with pillows and toss in the books. Set up a tent in the back yard and read. Use a miners light and read in the closet. Dare to be different.

Use reading as a reward

When reading is the reward for great behavior, it carries some weight with the child. “As soon as the toys are picked up you can pick out a book and we can read.” Trips to the library can be a great reward and there will be new books to read at home.

Every child can enjoy the experience of being read to. Most children can learn how to read. Parents who take the time to make reading a successful part of the home are truly giving children a gift that lasts a lifetime.