Great Bulletin Board Ideas for Helping

I can be a helper is a great theme for a preschool bulletin board. Helping others is an integral part of growing up and maturing, and starting this in preschool is an excellent idea. There are many ways that children can be a helper, and this goes part and parcel with having good manners. Helping people can go a long way to putting a smile on someone’s face, and paying it forward. A bulletin board that showcases how to be a good helper can be fun and exciting to do, and the children will love to help make this board.

Children can help everyday, either by taking care of some common household chores, such as making their bed and putting away their toys and clothes, or helping to set the table for supper. The child will learn responsibility by doing chores, and they should be given chores at school as well as home. Cleaning up in the classroom is essential for the lifeblood of the class, and helps instill a sense of pride and accomplishment. The bulletin board can have examples of what it means to be a good helper, and can show this in words or pictures, or a combination of the two.

Pictures of the actual preschool children, taken during a moment of being a helper, can add a homey touch to the preschool classroom. Each child should have a picture of themselves helping in some way. When out of the school for a walk through the community, children can be taught how to be a helper, especially when it comes to their environment. Children can pick up litter and deposit in a trash can, helping to keep their community clean. If everybody did one small thing per day to help their community, it would be a much safer, cleaner place to live.

Being a good helper is a solid character trait to possess, and in so, the children could also create a comic strip or book that details a character that is a good helper, and the reasons why it is important to help others. Within the community, there are people that need help, either carrying their groceries to the car, crossing a busy intersection, or opening a door for someone with their hands full. These are the types of depictions that could be included in the bulletin board.

Whenever, throughout the course of the school year, an action performed by one of the preschoolers, a story that is read, or a show that is viewed contains an instance of helping, this should be brought to the attention of the class, and can be placed in some manner on the bulletin board. Every child should be able to say I can be a helper.