Hand Print Crafts

Take one pair of hands, add construction paper and you are well on your way to creating fun crafts with your preschooler. There is no end to the variety of things that you create. Here are ten ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1) Trees

Pick a season and create a tree. Protect your child with a paint shirt. Cover the palm of your child’s hand and arm with brown finger paint. Press the entire arm down on a piece of construction paper. After you wash the painted arm, let your child put her finger in various colors, depending on the season you want to represent: oranges, reds and yellows for autumn or greens for spring or summer. Out them on the trees; let them cascade to the ground. Add grass to complete the picture.

2) Fish

Paint a giant fishbowl with blue water. Let your child paint his hand whatever colors he wants. Place the hand in the middle of the bowl with his fingers flowing to the side. Paint eyes and a mouth on the fish. Glue small rocks on the bottom of the bowl.

3) Butterfly

Paint a butterfly body in the center of a piece of paper. Paint your hands with bright colors. Place them on the sides of the body, with the palms touching the butterfly to create wings.

4) Hand print

Fix Plaster of Paris according to the directions on the box. Pour it onto a small, deep paper plate. Have your child place her hand flat on the Plaster of Paris. Wash it right away. Let it set. Add a poem and glue it to the back of the print. 

5) Wreath

Make a wreath using your child’s hands. Trace both of your child’s hands on a piece of paper and cut them out to make a pattern. Cut out twelve colorful copies of the hands. Cut a wreath by cutting out the center of a paper plate. Lay it with the plate upside down and encourage your child to glue her hand prints on to the wreath. Add a string and hang it on the door.

6) An ocean study isn’t complete without jellyfish. Paint your child’s hand with a bright color and place the hand on a sheet of blue paper. Add eyes by gluing on wiggly eyes. Wash the hand and try another color.

7) Columbus Day crafts don’t have to be difficult. Paint a blue ocean on the bottom of a piece of art paper. Once your child has painted his had brown, place it along the top of the ocean, palm along the water. Cut out white squares and glue them on to the “masts” to create sails. Finish the picture by adding white clouds to the skyline.

8) Seasons poster

Create a cute poster for the four seasons. Cut four pieces of different colored construction paper into 4 x 4 inch pieces. Put a hand print on each paper. Match the color to the season. For example, green for summer, orange or brown for autumn, red for spring and white for winter. Decorate each hand for the season. Check this photo for a few suggestions. 

9) A Very Hungry Caterpillar

Share Eric Carle’s classic, ‘A Very Hungry Caterpillar.” Use your child’s hands to create the caterpillar on paper. It requires three green hand prints that form an arching back. The fingers should be brown. Paint one hand red for the head but only paint two fingers to create the antennae. They should be purple. Add a black “o” for a mouth and two white eyes with green eyeballs. Check the picture on the cover. Add little orange and yellow lines along his backbone. Let your child hold the picture while he retells the story.

10) Turkey

Turkey art comes with variety. For example, Paint your child’s palm brown and each finger, or feather, a bright color. Add a wattle and eyes to the turkey and it is finished. A more complex turkey requires you to trace three hands, your child’s hand, your hand and one other hand, on three different colors of paper. Layer them to create feathers. Add a brown body and head. Add wiggly eyes, a beak and wattle. 

Enjoy these ideas, but don’t stop here. Think, what other animals can you make? What kind of scenery can you create? Think it, create it, enjoy it-fun hand print crafts made with your child.