How a positive classroom environment can help young learners

When it comes to a young learners brain, particularly a preschooler, the brain is far more active and is imbibing a far larger amount of information daily. The learning environment at home and at school contributes to the growth and health of a preschoolers learning progress, and if the classroom environment is wrong this will definitely contribute to a far lesser learning experience for the preschooler. Naturally it is the educator’s goal to cultivate the preschooler’s brain in the best ways possible, and this means utilizing all tools that are currently available to the school district.

The classroom experience should speak volumes to a preschooler, because this is where they will spend much of their time. Making sure that the preschoolers are learning by using daily experiences is definitely a working method. What exactly does this mean? Teach the preschoolers about sharing, whether it is sharing learning toys or crayons, this will teach the preschooler the concept of sharing early on. Teach the preschoolers about teamwork, for instance when cleaning up the classroom make sure that the whole group of preschoolers works together in concert to clean the entire classroom at the same time.

Teach the preschoolers proper learning habits, for instance when reading a book the room needs to be quiet, and they must focus on the words and the story. When playing make them play with their inside voices, and the same goes for talking. Try to incorporate singing into many of the exercises such as cleaning up toys, or even lunchtime, because this helps to cultivate their mind, and their creativity. Reading should be a joyful experience, and this is where you have the chance to not only talk to the preschoolers about reading, but also explain the stories to them, and make sure that they can comprehend what they are reading.

This ensures that the preschooler actually grows to enjoy reading, and as they grow older reading will become like second nature for them. Making a positive classroom environment will definitely create an excellent class of learners. Preschoolers whom actually love coming to class will learn much more efficiently, and they will become so attracted to the class that they would forget that they are learning. Preschoolers are definitely affected by their environment, so that is why it is so crucial to create a positive learning environment in the classroom where they will strive for excellence.