How to Choose a Preschool that has the right Curriculum for your Toddler

The quality of the preschool that you choose for your toddler to attend will play a major role in determining how your toddler will perform later on in life. This includes academic performance, and the professional performance of your toddler.

This is why it is crucial for you as a parent or guardian to choose the best preschool which has the right curriculum for your toddler. It is your obligation as a parent or guardian to make sure that the teachers of the preschool are qualified. You should read through the curriculum used by preschool to make sure that includes formal and informal learning.

The right preschool curriculum should also allocate time for each toddler to explore his or her creativity through physical and imaginative play. The preschool curriculum should also have a philosophy which is aligned with home or family values. The following tips will guide you on how to choose the right preschool curriculum for your toddler.

Write a list of the preschools in your area

You should compile a list of preschools in your area and choose one which you think will be good for your toddler. Make sure that the preschool is within a reasonable distance from your residence.

Pay a visit to the preschool

The best way to find out if a preschool is good or not, is by paying a visit to the school. You can contact the school and set up an appointment to meet with one of the teachers and find out more information about the preschool. Interacting with the teacher will give you an idea if the preschool is good or not.

Request to see the teachers qualifications

It is advisable for you as a parent to verify that the preschool only employs qualified educators who at least have an education degree in early childhood. You should ask to see copies of the teachers’ qualifications and check to see if their degrees are from registered educational institutes.

Find out if the formal learning is part of the preschool’s curriculum

You can ask the educators of the preschool if learning the alphabet and learning how to count is included in the curriculum.

Find out how the informal learning is included into the preschool curriculum

It is also important for you to find out how the informal way of learning is incorporated into the curriculum of the preschool. Take a tour around the preschool and see if there are any drawings on the walls which other toddlers have drawn. Do you see any creativity in the drawings?

You should also find out if the preschool has imaginative and physical play in its curriculum. For example, does the preschool have physical games such as ball games, tag of war games etc? Are the toddlers given a chance to tell their own stories during story telling times?

What are the interaction levels?

You should also find out how the teachers interact with the toddlers. How do the teachers moderate the toddlers’ interactions?

What is the policy for children aggression?

How does the preschool handle children aggression such as biting or hitting? Are the parents involved in dealing with such behavior? Or does the preschool have measures in place to deal with such cases such as, suspending the toddler or a time out when the child has misbehaved?

Find out what the preschool’s philosophy is?

It is your duty as a parent to find out if the preschool’s curriculum is aligned with home values and does not conflict in your toddler’s development. Find out the kind of learning style is used at the preschool.

Talk to other parents who have toddlers in that particular preschool

Talking to parents who have toddlers attending the preschool that is of interest to you will help you to make an informed decision. Through sharing their experiences with you, should help you to judge for yourself if the preschool is good or not.