How to help a Child get used to Preschool

Dealing with a child who is crying hysterically while clinging to you the moment you leave your child behind at school. This can be heart ripping for you as a parent and will often leave you feeling guilty, every time you leave your child and watch your child plead with you not to leave without them.

If you find yourself in such a situation then, it is time for you to find out various ways in which to handle a tearful preschooler. The following tips will show you how to deal with the situation and make the transition easier for the preschooler.

Talk to your child

Children often feel good when their parents tell them everything. Explaining to your child that you are going and coming back soon might help the preschooler get used to your not being around all the time. This will also help the child understand that it is okay mommy or daddy has to go and they will soon come back later.

The child will with time stop crying the moment you walk out of the door and will get used to your absence. Give your child an assurance that you have some important work to do and you will come back soon to be with them.

Keep your goodbyes short

It is advisable for you to keep your goodbyes as brief as possible in order to avoid the child’s emotions from escalating. If you spend too much time hugging your child goodbye before you leave it can cause the child to start crying for you.

Talk to your child about school

As a parent you should maintain a positive attitude at all times by talking to your child about school. Talk to your child about the fun filled activities in a school and get the child excited about going to school the next day.

Encourage your child to share with you about his o her day at school

One of the many ways in which you can deal with a tearful preschooler is by asking the child how their day was at school and what activities he or she did. This will help the child to always look forward to going to school so that he or she can share with later on what activities they engaged in while at school.

Allow your child to choose what to wear to school

One of the many ways to encourage a child to enjoy going to school is by asking the child to choose the clothes he or she would like to wear to school the next day. Engaging your child in this activity will help the child to appreciate the fact that going to school is not a punishment can be quite rewarding too.

Make sure that your child naps every afternoon

A child who is tired will become cranky and will cry all the time. It is therefore advisable for you as a parent to ensure that you get your child on a napping schedule and make sure that the child gets ample rest.

You should remember that the process of getting a child to get used to going to school can take a while and therefore should be treated with patience. Keep reassuring the child that you will be back soon for them. This reassurance will help the child to relate to the fact that you are leaving them at school and will back for them at a certain time.