How to help your Kids Write better

With all the news and attention reading gets, it seems that learning good writing skills sort of takes a back seat when it comes to making sure your kids get a good education. This is not just a sad thing, but a dangerous one, because writing skills are every bit as important as are reading skills if your children are to make something of themselves in the world after they graduate.

The reason this is so is because in order to do well on tests in high school and college and then to work well with others in a professional environment, people need to know how to write because it’s the way that people communicate their knowledge and ideas about certain topics and ideas to others. It’s also a very common way for people to show that they are literate people worthy of consideration for advancement.

Thus, it’s imperative that your kids learn to write well; and you can help.

One of the best ways you can help your kids learn to write well is by being attentive to what is going on in their school. In every school there are teachers that are better at some things than others, or are better at teaching some things than others. As a parent, you can make it a priority of yours to find out which teachers are the best at teaching what, and then make sure your child lands in a classroom that has a teacher that is really good at teaching kids how to write.

Another way you can help them is by encouraging them to read more than just what is assigned in the classroom. One of the unfortunate side effects of teachers having to teach more than one child at a time is that it means they have to teach down to the average child; which means the reading lessons and assignments are geared for the average student, which means your child will only get an average reading level of education. To get around this, buy books that are more difficult to read than are the ones they get at school and that have deeper concepts and then do whatever is necessary to get them to read those books. Then, read those books yourself as well so that you can talk about them with your child.

Another way you can help is by making them write more. For example you might start creating assignments of your own, such as requiring your kids to write quarterly reports on how they are progressing in school each term, or by assigning them research papers over the summer.

Cleary such homework would not be very popular with most kids and would cause parents to have to work harder with their kids which means putting in more time; but isn’t that what raising kids is supposed to be all about?