How to Make a Fun Weather Chart

Budding meteorologists will benefit from a weather chart of their own. It is hard to tell if they are more fun to make or more fun to use, but, the bottom line is, having a weather chart of your own is fun. Gather your supplies and get ready!

Felt Weather Chart

To make a fun weather chart, you will need several colors of felt, including one large piece, white glue, scissors, pencil, a ruler and a piece of cork board. Buy adhesive foam numbers. You will also need several cute weather pictures, pictures like: clouds, rain, snow, sunshine, cloud and sun together. 

Lay the large piece of felt on the cork board and trace around the board. Cut it out to fit. Measure the width of the felt and divide it into seven even pieces. Trace the ruler with a pencil, making a light line. Then, measure the length of the felt and divide it into five even pieces; draw light lines.

Cover the cork board with white glue and fit the piece of felt over the board. 

Cut seven strips that are the same length as the lines on the width and five strips that are the same length as the lines you have drawn. To make it fun, use shaped scissors. Glue the strips over the top of each of the lines. Let them dry. Use the adhesive foam numbers and add changeable dates to your calendar. 

Cut out the weather pictures you have collected and glue them on to different colors of felt. Once they are dry, cut them out. They should stick to your weather board. 

Add hanging wire to the back of the cork board and your are ready to begin your job as a stay-at-home meteorologist. 

Metal Weather Chart

Buy a metal cookie sheet with a hole on one end and spray paint it your favorite color. Use a permanent marker and a ruler to measure out and mark off seven days and five weeks. 

Use Sculpey polymer clay and shape weather symbols. Place a magnet slightly above the center of each piece. Bake them according to the directions on the box. Let them cool. Across the top of the page, use adhesive foam letters and write, “Our weather today is…” Your fun weather calendar is ready to go. 

Rain, snow or sunshine, you will be ready to keep track of the weather on your new weather calendar. Learn more about the weather here.