How to Show Good Manners to Kids in School

In a civilized society, good manners are essential. Preschool children need to learn about manners, and their importance in the world in which they live. Having good manners does not come naturally, it is something instilled by their parents, and by teachers. A preschool bulletin board about using good manners will help the children to grow up to be respected citizens within their community. To teach about good manners, a bulletin board concept could be utilized rather effectively.

Good manners include using words such as please, thank-you, may I, hello, good-bye, and shaking hands with people. Learning how to sit properly with good posture, knowing how to eat with the correct utensils, and holding doors open for people and blessing them after they sneeze are all examples of good manners that preschool children should be able to use on a daily basis. Learning how to compliment someone can go a long way to securing friendships that last a lifetime.

For a bulletin board about good manners, these words can be added, which will help the children with their budding literacy skills. Also, pictures depicting random acts of kindness can help them to understand the principle of paying it forward. Good manners reflect strong parenting and teaching skills. Children need to be shown how to use good manners, until it becomes a habit. Children love to play games, and the preschool teacher could create a good manners game to play. The teacher may create a scenario, and the children have to identify someone that did not use good manners, or when somebody did use good manners. These can be acted out in front of the class, which will have a greater effect. Parent volunteers could truly help this activity to be successful.

The bulletin board of good manners could show pictures of the students taken while they are engaged in a moment of good manner usage, such as shaking the hand of the principal, or holding open the door for the other children. The preschool children will love to see their pictures on the bulletin board, and that sense of pride will blossom, and other children will be encouraged to use good manners so that they may see their picture up on the bulletin board. For this, the class could be taken around the school, and they could take turns holding doors open for others, greeting other children and staff members, and walking quietly through the hallways.

During class time, the children should be encouraged to greet every student and the teacher as they enter the room, and say something nice to at least three people in the class. The self-esteem and confidence boost will be noticeble, and the sense of community and respect in the classroom will bloom. The children will be learning valuable life lessons through this simple bulletin board idea about using good manners.

The children could also create a story of their own, in which the main character uses good manners in a variety of settings, and helps others when they fail to use their manners in a proper fashion. This will allow the children to use their minds, creating with their imagination, and reinforcing the habit of good manners. A preschool teacher in charge of a group of young children that have good manners will be the envy of the staff room.