Items that should be at or near a Preschoolers Eye Level

Many things should be at or near the reach of a preschool student. Preschool is when children start to learn personal independence. Certainly, parents should make sure that things are safe for their child. However; the child should be encouraged to start doing things for themselves whenever possible. This means putting safe items at a level that the preschooler can reach. There is wide variety of ways that a preschooler can be instructed about how to be independent.

Snacks that the children can reach and open themselves should be at the child’s level. Of course, it is necessary that the child asks permission before getting a snack. However, letting them serve themselves a snack is a way that the preschoolers can learn self-sufficiency. Clothing should also be at the level of the preschooler. Even if the children need help dressing themselves, articles of clothing can be left at their level so they can make decisions about what they would like to wear.

Toys should also be left at the level a preschooler can manage to reach on their own. It is important that any small parts of the toys be removed so that choking hazards do not become a problem. Children who constantly have to ask for toys do not learn how to play by themselves very well. It is also a good idea to have books at the child’s level. This way if the child wants to be read to, they have access to bring books to an available adult and ask for time to be spent together reading the book.

Many parents have the misconception that they cannot trust their preschooler not to make a mass of objects around the house. If the child is instructed on how to put away their own things from a very early age, and doing so is made into a game, many parents will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly children can learn to be responsible. It is important that children be given the chance to prove themselves so that parents can figure out what objects are not age appropriate for the children quite yet.

Sometimes, crayons and paper can be left at the level of the child, if the child enjoys being artistic. This only works however if the child does not draw on furniture on the walls. The more descriptive parents are with the rules for certain household items, the better the child learns to be responsible with the items themselves. It is extremely valuable to encourage children to explore their surroundings so that they become interested in learning about other things in life.