Kindergarten Readiness should i Hold my Child Back

No, definitely not! You should NEVER hold your child back!

I am a certified specialist in early learning, and gained that level by working with children from birth to adult all of my life.

EARLY LEARNING is the answer to success and genius in children. A good example of the misinformation present several years ago when early learning became fashionable is the following TRUE story, not an anecdote!

I had a publishing company devoted to materials for VERY BRIGHT children, and CHILDREN WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES, then termed “slow children”.

We did much research, mostly based on the work of the world’s most famous neurologist, Dr. Wilder Penfield, President of the McGill University medical school. His theory, now a reality, was that the earlier you introduce difficult concepts to children, the better they will do in everything.

This is ONE case history of thousands:

A (female) child was born to one of the staff neurologists and he desired along with his wife that she LEARN TO READ as a baby.

We had a program that usually started for eighteen momths old, but in her case, her father and mother wanted to experiment at he age of nine months.

She had small verbalization, just Ma and Pa and grunts, but was in perfect physical health and could crawl about.

We hung great cards with printed words in red against gray or silver background with at first nouns like FOOD, or SLIPPERS, or BED and so forth. They were the vocabulary of a system established by Dr. Glenn Doman in the Insrirutes For Human Development.

After three months and about her 1st birthday, she would respond to a sign GET DADDY’S SLIPPERS or other commands like that and do the required chore. She had a vocabulary (active!) of 300 words!

We got much publicity from Captain Kangaroo and other child oriented programs. Finally, a national magazine headlined with a color photograph A BABY THAT CAN READ! The picture depicted our child with a book called NOSE IS NOT TOES on her lap. It was very simple and had been compiles by Dr. Doman, but she could read it!

The publicity caused a great outburst.

I personally received 700 letters, all but 10 or 12 decrying what we wre doing ‘ruining a babies life!’

The most outstanding READING EXPERT in the U.S. wrote me to stop this foolishness…” We know reading can’t come until the middle grades!” she burbled.

All right!

Twenty-seven years pass!

C.B.S. television having a dry time with news had a program WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THAT BABY WHO COULD READ?

They reported that after finding her and interviewing her, that she had led a life as if of “a genius child”.

At age 27, she was President of a West Coast California college!

I came out of the doldrums long enough to think and act. We had sold 400,000 kits or boxes entitled TEACH YOUR BABY TO READ and each of those families had replicated the baby history, though starting their children at ages 3, 4, 5 or 6.

Inquiries showed that in all cases excepting some where physical or mental aberrations had interfered, the children, now adults, had fared well, extremely well.

My answer as someone qualified to say so(my six children ALL could read very early and are very successful adults)is that you should NEVER try to arrest a child’s enthusiasm and that he or she should be encouraged to learn to read and write and do simple sums as soon as possible.



Just let the natural genius of your child take its own rush forward!