Learning to Bake

Baking is a form of art that tests not only cooking skills, but also teamwork, reading comprehension, mathematical skills, nutritional skills, following directions and hand-eye coordination for the people working in the kitchen together when learning to bake together.

Before any baking can be started a recipe of the baking item must be chosen. Once the recipe has been chosen the recipe must be read aloud so that everyone working on the baking process understand their particular roles in the kitchen. It must be established that all correct ingredients are available and if any ingredient or ingredients are not available another recipe must be chosen. Luckily all ingredients are available, the recipe has been read and everything is ready to begin the baking process.

Mixing bowls that are sturdy and large enough should be used to mix the dry ingredients in one mixing bowl and wet ingredients in the other mixing bowl. This way the ingredients are mixed together properly before the dry and wet ingredients are mixed together. As the recipe is followed step by step the ingredients are put in as instructed. When the recipe is not followed precisely there is too much of a chance that an ingredient could be left out of the recipe causing the recipe to be ruined. When assembling all of the ingredients it is best to know the right amount of each ingredient to put into the baking mix. There are measuring cups from one cup, half a cup, one third cup, one fourth cup and one eighth cup along with measuring spoons that measure one tablespoon, one teaspoon, half a teaspoon, one fourth teaspoon and one eighth teaspoon. It is best to know exactly how much to put in otherwise the process will have to be started again.

Baking pans need to be the correct size because if the wrong size baking pan is used for a particular recipe, the item that is being baked will either be baked too much or not baked enough. With the baking pan it is best not to grease the sides of the baking pan which causes the item being baked not to rise adequately.

Every oven works differently and it is best to use an oven of which is familiar to everyone involved in the baking process. An oven should distribute the heat evenly throughout the oven. By having the heat distribute evenly the baking of the item will be done accurately without one area being burnt and another area being under done.

While the item is baking in the oven this is a good time to get ingredients put away in their proper places and to start washing up the items used to mix the ingredients and whip down the counters and tables. Once this has been done put out the cooling racks so once the item has finished baking the baking pans can be set on top of the cooling racks. This way the item that was baked can cool evenly without any damage to counters or table tops.

The ultimate test of the baked item is in the tasting. Once the baked item has cooled sufficiently each person is given a taste of the baked item to determine how successful the baking process was. When people ask for a second piece of what was baked, that is an excellent sign that the baked item was prepared properly and will be enjoyed by many other people.