Lesson Plans for Owl Babies by Martin Waddle

The book Owl Babies by Martin Waddell is very appropriate for preschoolers as they can relate to the little owls that miss their mommy. There are many fun and educational activities that you can incorporate into a lesson plan for this book.

Owls are nocturnal animals. Discuss with your preschoolers what this means and name some other animals that are nocturnal as well.

Also talk about the food chain and that other animals and insects only come out at night so that is why owls feed at night.

The owl babies live in a tree. Talk about the importance of trees and how they are a habitat for animals in the forest. Make owl finger puppets with construction paper or felt and have the children put on a show as they reenact the story. Make a large tree on the wall with construction paper and have the children make an owl to add to the tree.

Craft an owl out of a brown paper lunch bag using cut out hand prints as the wings or go on a nature walk and use fall leaves as the wings. Use a paper plate and paint it brown for the owl’s body. Paint another paper plate brown and cut it in half using the two pieces as wings. Glue googly eyes and an orange triangle beak onto the body to make an owl face.

Sing a number song, “Three little owls sitting in a tree, one flew down to find mommy. Two little owls sitting in a tree…” Use different objects to group things in threes.

Play a game (just like Doggie Doggie Where is Your Bone) where one child representing the baby owl sits in a chair facing the wall while all the other children sit on the floor behind him. An object is placed under his chair representing the owl mom. One child takes the item from under the chair and they all say, “Owly owly where is your mom?” The owl baby has three guesses to find out which child has his mom. If he guesses right he gets to go again, if he is wrong, the person that has the mom gets a turn.

Make an owl snack using a graham cracker as the body, two banana slices as the eyes, two chocolate chips as the pupils and a candy corn for the beak.

There are so many things you can do just by using a variation of games and songs you already know. There are also great websites with free owl coloring pages and other great craft ideas. Use your resources and have fun with it.