Let’s go Shopping

Preschool students love to play games and use their imagination.  It does not take much convincing to get them involved in any game that involves pretending.

A bulletin board that adds imagination into the equation is typically a winner for everyone.  Since the grocery store is something most preschool children identify with, it is an easy bulletin board.

First collect materials. Parents are generally eager to help when it comes to their childs’ education, especially when the assignment is easy. Have parents bring labels from canned goods and empty food boxes. These are the items the teacher is going to use to fill the shelves of grocery store bulletin board. Also gather pictures of fresh produce and meats so these can be options for the children. The bulletin board is a game, a lesson and very interactive.

The base is easy.  Just take plain yard sticks.  Paint one side so there are no numbers attach to the yard sticks with the painted side out.  These are the empty shelves in the grocery store.

Participation is a big part of preschool. A seasoned preschool teacher will draw names and rotate through the class children so everyone has a chance to do something.

Point out the shelves of the grocery store are empty. Select a group of children to stock the shelves. Boxes and labels from cans are cut and ready to go with double sided tape. The children will select items and put them on the shelves.

The groceries are now in place and on the shelves.  The class will talk about fruits, vegetables and all the different examples of items to choose from in the grocery store bulletin board.

Later in the day there is a group of shoppers. They can go to the store and select three items from the shelf.  They take the items to check out.

The clerks check out the purchased items and bag them on a small lunch sack bag for the child to take home.

The activity can be punched up a bit by visiting different isles of the store.  Packaging and the items sold will make all the difference. It is an excellent time to talk about healthy food choices and learn about trying different and new kinds of food.

This is a bulletin board that can be used for a long time or over and over. Children will play grocery store repeatedly.  Playing is one of the best ways to learn in preschool.

A preschool teacher will need to collect items long before the bulletin board goes up.  The children will want to play and there needs to plenty to stock the shelf with.  Depending on how much parents participate, some teachers use the board every other year in order to collect enough items to make it productive.

The best bulletin boards to use for preschools are the ones that run on tracks.  This way they can be eye level and the children can reach and work on the bulletin board.  It can be interactive and then raised to show the project.

Any bulletin board that is not just eye candy is good.