Little Hands and Busy Helpers

Most preschoolers enjoy letting someone trace around their hands.  For that reason, each of these bulletin board ideas features personal “hand prints” from your students.  Choose one of these boards to get started or pick and choose something from each to come up with your own unique design.

Board #1 – Helping hands

Back the board with a solid color paper to display each child’s hand prints. Preschoolers often have a favorite color, so let them choose a color of craft paper they like, then trace and cut out each child’s hand prints.  Neon-bright colors look fun on a black background and make all those little hands “pop” in a dramatic way!

Before attaching hand prints to the board, be sure students’ names are written on them so they can later be identified.  Depending on how many preschoolers are in your group, you can place the hands closer or further apart.  On a small bulletin board, slightly overlap the hands to save space.

Between and around hands, scatter pictures of your preschoolers at work in the classroom. Take photos of them picking up toys, straightening their mats, sitting quietly for story time, cleaning tables, etc.  If possible, enlarge the photos or place them near the bottom of the board so they can be seen.

Board #2 –  Busy hands

This bulletin board idea teaches how our hands help us every day.  Without even thinking, we use our hands to do many different things.  Trace around each child’s hands on white paper and write their names on them as you go.  Next, print two extra copies of each set of hands.   Give one copy to the children to color while you cut out the extra copies to make a bulletin board border.

Next, divide the bulletin board into four large sections.  Measure height and width of your board to locate the middle point and make a dot there. Do the same at the top middle, bottom middle and both sides of the board.  Connect the five dots using a yard stick or straight edge with all lines meeting in the middle.  This makes a large cross or t-shape.  

Inside each section, focus on ways our hands help us: My hands help me dress, help me do crafts, help me read and help me eat.  Or, my hands help me at home, at preschool, at the playground, at the store, etc.  My hands help me do crafts, help me clean up, help me play games, help me build with blocks.  The ideas are endless, and you may come up with even more ideas. 

Bulletin board #3 – My hands

Trace around each child’s hands on colorful craft or construction paper using many different colors.  Cut these out and mount them on a Styrofoam or cardboard ring to make a wreath of paper hands. (Be sure to write each child’s name on the paper hands as soon as you trace them.)  Place the wreath in the middle of the board.

Next, scatter pictures, photographs and illustrations of hands around it.  Look in magazines for pictures of hands doing many different things – tying shoes, buttoning up a shirt, holding a ball, stroking a pet, setting the table, stirring cake batter, brushing teeth, doing crafts, drawing or painting, etc.  Scatter these on the board around the center wreath.

Your preschoolers will be excited about a bulletin board that features their own hand prints. Comment on their hands as you trace them.  Talk about hands in class.  Do other hand print activities!  Your students will soon gain a new appreciation for all their hands can accomplish!