Making Gifts with Fabric

There are so many things you can do with fabric with children of all ages. Keeping children busy with these ideas helps them to learn to enjoy making things out of fabric and you may be surprised at how they will use their imagination to create something of their own to do with fabric.

Fabric Covered Picture Frames


scraps of material
one large piece of material that will cover a whole picture frame
Mod Podge (glue, sealer)
1 inch foam brush
Popsicle sticks
frame to cover 4 x 6 or 8 x 10

First you need to pick out a frame. It is a good idea to work with one that is flat on the front as the material will be easier to apply and smooth. Go to your local dollar tree and purchase a frame for this project.

You can make these fabric covered frames using many scraps of material or just using one piece of fabric. If using one piece of material it will need to be large enough to cover the whole frame. You will have to cut an X in the middle of the material so that you can fold the pieces of material around the frame.

If using lots of different pieces of fabric, you will want to cut fabric in strips. If using four different pieces of fabric, put them in order making a pattern of how you will place them on the picture frame.

You will need to remove the backing and the glass. You may have to help the children do this part. Next, you will apply Mod Podge to the outside of the frame. Then start applying the material to the frame and rubbing out an air bubbles and making sure there are no creases in the material. Then flip the frame over and work from the other side.  It helps to use a Popsicle stick to get the material in the grooves tightly so the glass will fit back in snugly.

Apply more Mod Podge to the back side and work the material over the back. Work the corners folding them over and smoothing them evenly. Let dry for a day.

If you are using scraps that you have made into a pattern keep putting another piece on overlapping each one. When you flip it over to finish the back make sure that you have smoothed each piece very well. Have the pieces from the inside of the frame be put down first and then work the outside of the fabric into the middle while making it as smooth as you can get it. Make sure that you use a good amount of Mod Podge to make this stick together well.

When the frame is dried good you may put the glass back in add a picture and the backing. The children will be so proud they made these themselves.

There are so many fabrics you can use. You can use a drapery fabric for a very fancy looking picture frame. You can also use fabric that has balls all over it for a sport frame or musical instruments for a frame of someone playing their instrument. It is fun to do these picture frames for gifts for Christmas for parents, or to make for Grandparents day or birthdays.

Fabric Coasters


Small pieces of fabric that are 5.5 x 5.5 in size
Small piece of plywood cut into 4.5 x 4.5 squares
1 inch foam brush
Mod Podge
Fleece that is cut into 4.5 x 4.5 squares 1for each coaster

First cut your pieces of fabric in the dimensions mentioned. Next cut your fleece. Apply the fleece to the middle of the fabric with the Mod Podge. Next add some more Mod Podge to the plywood and add the fabric making sure that the fleece is centered. Smooth it as you apply it to the plywood. You will have an inch of extra fabric on each side to work with.

Turn over the coaster and apply some Mod Podge to the back side. Pull tightly one side of the front material to the back and smooth it. Keep doing this with all the other sides. Apply your Once all four sides are done, fold your second piece of fabric so that it is 4.5 x 4. 5. You will need to apply some Mod Podge to the fabric that is now on the back side. Then place the second piece of fabric on the Mod Podge with the folded side down. Smooth it and let it dry.

When it dries, you should have a nice coaster. The padded side is the top of the coaster. These are a lot of fun to make for children and easy.  Just need to have some adult cut the plywood pieces for you.

There are many sites online to go to that have several art projects using fabric. Do not hesitate to look for something fun!