Music and Math Skills

For those of you reading this article, who are fans of The Cosby Show, you may or may not remember the episode where Denise went to pick up her stepdaughter one day from school to find her in the middle of a math lesson that was based all around music. Teachers are learning more and more about ways to really reach their students and how music is really playing a big part in those lessons. Most people can agree that learning certain concepts is not fun, but what some people may not realize is that with a little creativity, it can be made fun. When Denise walked into her stepdaughter’s class room, they had all sorts of musical instruments out and they were teaching the children how to add numbers together and put it to a rhythm and beat, so that they would remember it by the rhythm and beat that they went to. This concept, can also be applied to subtraction and multiplication tables.

When teaching small children to count, some teachers use the, “DOE, RE, MI,” concept. This method some people might remember from the movie, “The Sound of Music”. The von Trapp children when Maria first came to their house were very shy and quiet having been raised in a military type discipline. Music was forbidden by their father in the household, and it was Maria who got through their tough exterior by using music. Her motto, for lack of better wording was, “When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything.” This method taught the children how to put songs together. 

Music notes and numbers, go hand in hand in keeping the rhythm and beat to a song. Some people may not even realize that young children although they might not know it, are learning these concepts at a very early age in life. Some music teachers teach young children how to count to keep up with the rhythm and the beat of a song. Some people may remember as children being taught the, “Old Mc Donald” song. The earlier this concept is taught to children, the earlier they learn not only how to sing or play the music, but to count numbers as well.

Some people that go into certain forms of dance classes, learn how to count with the music to start the dance part at the right place. This is another concept that is being used with younger and younger generations. It used to be that only, “older” people did dances such as the Waltz, but not anymore. People are finding more and more in today’s society that these dances are being taught to the younger generations and it is not just teaching them how to dance, it is teaching them how to keep up with the rhythm of the song by counting, and counting leads to learning math. There are many different music and dance programs available today, that are utilizing and teaching these concepts and they are highly recommended to children of all ages.