Playtime Fun Things to do with Empty Boxes

My kingdom for empty boxes! Actually a kingdom is one of the best games I have ever played with my students and my ow children. Empty boxes are everywhere and doomed for the recycling bin, trash can or attic. Storage is good but you might want to consider the plastic alternative for preserving you valuables and use the empty boxes for imagination games. Music is also a good choice for the reuse of an empty box. A shoe box will always be the best Valentine’s holder ever made. So get out the glitter and the glue and make somethng shiny and new.

The bigger boxes like TV or furniture boxes are great to built a play palace for the young ones. Let them design it with markers or crayons. Let them draw the doors and windows and you can cut them out so the children can run through them and play inside like a house or a castle. Don’t forget to add the flowers and trees to the outside. Some of the older kids can get really imaginative with this part. They can draw  them right on the box or cut them out of construction paper and glue them on to the outside. Little boxes can be put inside for tables and chairs.

The old faithful empty shoe box has thousands of practical uses and even more uses for the imagination. Valentine’s through out the ages have been stored in the brightly decorated shoe box. I mean honestly do they even sell manufactured ones? I have never had anything other than a shoe box. Each one was more beautifully decorated than the last. They are also great for keeping art supplies and toys with small parts. After you have opened the big bag of water balloons, for example,  you will never get them back in the bag so grab the empty shoe box and save it from the ruin of the trash bin and let your child draw big colorful balloons on the outside and you have a brand new handy dandy toy holder.

Guitar, tamberines, maraqias, drums and so many other instruments can be fashioned from old boxes. Children will play for hours among hours with toys they create themselves versus the store bought ones. I have seen this so many times.The old dingy brown of the cardboard kingdom is just waiting for a make-over into something beautiful from the awesome imaginations of your children. It’s free and plentiful. Have fun and create. A little glitter here and a little glue there and there is no telling what your child can do. Never be afraid of letting them get messy or making a mess in the kitchen or out on the car port. In my home my children have often played more with the box the toy came in than the toy itself.