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One thing is for sure – there is no dearth of resources for those most important early learning years of the Preschooler. The internet is packed with websites devoted to PreK, and the task for the busy teacher or homeschooler is in finding ones that are most useful.

Below are five websites culled from the hundreds available that should make that PreK internet search a more manageable quest.

If you’re looking for a variety of lessons plans, then bookmark, a segment of the larger A to Z Teacher Stuff website. This useful site contains lesson plans and activities for preschoolers in twelve different areas. Each lesson plan is fully functional, ready to implement and printable. Categories include sign language, language arts, social studies, reading, arts and crafts, health and more. A sample from the Language Arts area – the largest category – gives a sense of the overall offerings. A-Rhyme-A-Week: Nursery Rhymes for Early Literacy features thirty separate downloadable units. Each nursery rhyme is reproduced in large format print with a single word missing. Teachers can work-play with their young student in language context, vocabulary and cognitive development, and teach the classic childhood nursery rhymes. is a handy resource for the preschool teacher with plenty of hands-on activities tailored to that grade level.

Dragon Tales

A highly interactive site for preschoolers, Dragon Tales was developed as part of the federal America Reads Program of 1997. Sponsored by the Department of Education and Public Broadcasting Service, Dragon Tales is a wonderful project filled with colorful magic dragons, musical fountains and curious children. Preschoolers with access to a computer and the internet can easily join in the fun here. The “lessons” are veiled as mini adventures with one of the characters and require the ability to use a computer mouse and point. Preschoolers learn shapes, musical instruments and their sounds, choose designs for printing and coloring, identify feelings, print and fill-in mazes, complete online connect-the-dots games and are “rewarded” with each exercise. Dragon Tales is a great resource for the half-hour or sixty-minute activity block.

Literacy Web

The Literacy Web, developed at the University of Connecticut, is designed to promote the internet as a tool for learning and includes a Pre-K unit. The site contains one of the most comprehensive and helpful compilations of web links for Preschool education. You will discover a healthy listing that includes individual websites for PreK in general along with Professional Development, Online Lesson Plans, Integrating Technology at the PreK level and Literacy Research websites. The Literacy Web is a prime location for the PreK teacher hoping to combine teaching and learning with internet tools.

Preschool Learners

This website is devoted to the PreK do-it-yourselfer with hundreds of free downloadable activity sheets. Whether the teacher is a homeschooling parent or an educational center, this site can be a useful complement to the learning experience. Worksheets are in eight categories and include Early English, Early Mathematics, Early Geography, Early Science, Things Around Us, Things We Do, Things We Use and Fun Activity. Additional resources, also free concentrate on improving handwriting skills plus a generous supply of lullabies for this learning group.

First School

Most Preschool websites will include a section on crafts for early learners. First-School is all about crafts. The free content is printable and designed especially for the 2-6 age group. The Preschool Materials area is a well thought guide for teachers, daycare workers and homeschoolers, listing a multitude of items needed to complete craft projects. The emphasis is on low cost materials that can be used in a variety of craft projects. The First School craft project ideas cover holidays, animals and the alphabet as well as coloring, games, toys, seasons, shapes, beginning reading as well as a multicultural section. Each area is well-stocked with projects and related activities, making this one of the richest websites for the PreK teacher.

These five sites represent a tiny sampling of what is available online for the Preschool teacher. However, each is loaded with projects, ideas, crafts and activities. Mark each as a Favorite and return often to invigorate your teaching practice!