Preschool Activities for World Penguin Day

The penguin is lucky enough to have two days a year when they are recognized for their unique appearance and their lives. The first is Penguin Awareness Day on January 20th, the second is April 25 when the world observes World Penguin Day. This is one animal that children are attracted to at a very young age, so why not allow them to have a day where they pay attention to the penguin.


Reading is always a great way to have fun with children and there are quite a few books in the library and bookstores about penguins. “Popper’s Penguins,” by Richard and Florence Atwater, tells about how penguins become part of the life of a gentleman, Mr. Popper, and how they changed his life. Another wonderful non-fiction book about penguins that children would love is “Penguins” by Sonia Black. This book is written in verse, which helps draw the attention of children to the facts.


A cute little penguin can be used by attaching different sizes of heart shapes together. Cut out two small, golden hearts for the feet. Then cut out one large and three small heart shapes out of black. Another heart shape needs to be cut out of white. The white one needs to be a bit smaller than the large black one. Glue the white heart on the large black heart. This is the body. Then glue the smaller, black ones, with the top of the hearts behind the body. Two of them will be the wings and one will be the head. Then glue the golden hearts on the bottom of the body, so the pointed ends are behind the body. The children now have a penguin of their own. Another penguin can be created by using ovals instead of heart shapes, or a combination of the two.


Little children also enjoy rhymes. lists a couple that would be a nice addition to a day devoted to penguins. One of these is written by Victoria Smith and is called “Little Penguin.”

I’m a little penguin short and fat

Wearing my tuxedo without any hat.

I live in Antarctica where I splash and play,

Whales, sharks and leopard seals make me run away.

Another little rhyme for the preschoolers is called “I’m a little penguin.”

I’m a little penguin,

Black and white

Short and wobbly,

An adorable sight.

I can’t fly at all,

But I love to swim.

So I’ll waddle to the water

And dive right in!

Whether celebrating the penguin on January 20, or April 25, or on another day, these activities can help children learn about these black and white friends while having fun.