Preschool Activities Fun Things to Make with Cereal Boxes

There are so many great activities preschool students can do with cereal boxes, either just for fun or as the extension of a classroom lesson plan. Kids love pretend as well as being able to make and build things, and cereal boxes are a great, inexpensive, readily available material for use during imaginative play and craft times.

Collecting cereal boxes for fun preschool activities is as simple as asking everyone you know to save their empties for you instead of discarding them. You can easily build up a collection enough to fill a couple of large storage bins over the summer to prepare for each school year, and once the term begins, parents can save their empties to bring in as well.

Cereal boxes can be used on their own or combined with other cardboard empties in various sizes from little ones used to hold matches to those that hold facial tissues. Boxes can be used as is, keeping their current shape, or opened and cut up to create new shapes.

To prepare for the fun you’ll need to gather some other supplies in addition to the cereal boxes such as, masking tape, glue sticks, tempera paints, safety scissors, construction paper, pencils, markers, crayons, empty toilet paper tubes,

One of the easiest cereal box activities for preschool students is making houses. The kids can all talk about where they live and whether their home is in a house or an apartment and then create their version in miniature. These houses can be created simply without the need even for cutting out windows by covering the boxes with plain white copy paper, or whatever is handy such as construction paper, and letting the kids draw on them.

This activity should probably be reserved for a time after the preschoolers have had a chance to practice drawing their shapes. They will need to be able to make squares and rectangles in order to create the doors and windows on their houses. Alternatively, kids can be given geometric stencils to trace the shapes onto paper and then paste the paper onto their boxes with glue sticks.

Another great cereal box activity project is to create magazine files for students to keep folders, classwork, and art projects in. These will require pre-activity cutting by an adult, but then kids can decorate and personalize them as they wish and take them home at the end of the year. Teachers can keep track of which file belongs to which child by making name labels ahead of the activity to adhere to each one after kids are done.

Cereal boxes are great for making robots, cars and other vehicles, box purses and carryalls, and a host of other things. There are so many fun possibilities for preschool activities from cereal boxes, but don’t just stop at the cereal boxes. Those used for pancake and cake mixes, and other dry foodstuffs can be used as well.