Preschool Activities that Promote Caring for the Environment

It’s never too early to start teaching children about the environment and why they must take care of the planet that they live on. You would be surprised that these little minds can understand the concept behind being kind to the environment. There are many activities that these little ones can get involved in that will foster good environmentally conscious habits that will last throughout their lives.

Clean-up exercise around the neighborhood.

Children are always being encouraged to keep their rooms tidy and their classrooms tidy. This is an easy lesson that can be transferred to the environment. Preschoolers can be taken around the neighborhood, the block that the kindergarten is on is a perfect starting ground and encourage kids to pick up the trash on the sidewalk. Children love to be involved and generally love the outdoors, so they will be thoroughly enthused about this activity. All you need for the activity are the following items.

Garbage bags Gloves Trash pick-up sticks (optional)

If you want to make your clean-up more extensive you can explore the tips in the link but with these few requirements in hand, your little team will be ready to go.

Nature trail visits

There are many hiking trails that are suitable for children, which will help them connect with nature. They can build a relationship with the environment. You can focus on the trees, telling them about the different type of trees and how old the trees probably are. The anatomy of the trees, the leaves, the roots and branches can all be discussed on the trail.

You can encourage the preschoolers to choose a favorite tree that they can visit on the following trip. Some parks allow visitors to plant a tree as a part of the reforestation effort. Children will be thrilled to be a part of something so momentous. These are the experiences that will linger in their memories.

Recycling bins in the classrooms

Recycling cannot be emphasized enough for our generation. Our society produces tonnes of trash per year. Encouraging children to re-use items is important. Usually garbage is sorted in three or four categories paper, plastics, metal and glass. There may not be much glass in the classroom but the other items would be able to be sorted. You can encourage these activities by giving stars to children caught throwing garbage into the right bin.

 Use Recyclable materials for art and craft

You would be amazed by the everyday things that can be reused to make beautiful creations of art. Old juice cartons, cereal boxes and bottle caps to name a few. The children can collect the items from home and work as groups to complete a beautiful collage. Some items that can be utilized are listed below.

non-toxic glue Recyclable materials i.e. egg cartons, boxes, bottle caps etc. cardboard

These activities can be a brilliant start to a wonderful relationship between your preschooler and the environment. The habits cultivated at this tender age will transfer to adulthood, contributing to the attitudes needed to save the planet.