Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas i am Growing

Preschoolers like to hear how fast they’re growing, getting bigger and changing. This bulletin board idea features an “I am growing!” theme and will attract their attention.  It will also help them better understand the changes that are taking place in their bodies during the growth process.

On the board, feature two large cutouts of children – a boy and a girl.  Between them, place plain index cards printed with the word for familiar body parts on each card: Head, neck, arms, hands, legs, feet, and trunk (for the torso). 

Next, run colorful lengths of yarn between the words and the cutouts of the children.  Match the word “legs” to their legs, “hands” to their hands, etc.  Explain that their trunk is like a tree trunk – it is in the middle and everything comes out of it  (arms, legs, etc.)

For a theme-related border, outline the board with a few real measuring tapes.  You can also print-out your own paper measuring tapes by using the graphic you’ll find here.  Once you are on the link, scroll down to find the measuring tapes and print as many as you need.   

Next to the board, place another copy of the measuring tape running up the wall like a growth chart.  Explain to children that we count inches to measure how long or tall we are.  Allow children to back up to the wall chart and show them how many inches tall they measure. Now have one child lay down on the floor and measure her again.  Explain that whether she stands up or lies down, she is still ___ inches!

Why not bring a bathroom scale to class and demonstrate the proper way to measure weight?  Explain that we find out how heavy something is by measuring how many pounds it is.  Allow the children to take turns standing on the scale.  Ask them if they have ever been measured and weighed when visiting the nurse and doctor?   Tell them measuring and weighing shows how fast they are growing.

There are other things you can place on the bulletin board if you have room.  Find pictures of children in action – jumping, climbing, swimming, painting, drawing, building, running, skating, etc.  Ask them which parts of the body help us do these things. 

For example, a child running, jumping or climbing uses feet and legs and arms and hands (for balance or pulling themselves up).  Arms and hands work to help us build with blocks, draw or paint.  Find coloring sheets of children in action here.  On that website, scroll down to the middle of the page where you will find” Exercise, Fitness, and Outdoor Playground themes.” 

Pictures of children can also be found in back issues of parenting and family magazines.  Check with a friend, the library or thrift stores for cheap (or free) magazines and books.  

For fun-related activities, measure the children’s feet/shoes with a ruler (inches) and compare them to other objects.  Does everyone have the same size feet?  Why or why not?  

Take turns drawing around the children as they lay on white butcher paper.  Write their names on these drawings and let them color and decorate them as they like.  Once they are finished, cut them out and line them up around the room.   

Remind the children that they will keep growing until they are as tall as a big person. Tell them that naps and sleep help them grow and get stronger.  At snack time, remind them that their bodies are using the food to grow.  

The bulletin board idea for “I am growing!” is easy to assemble and features members of your preschool group.  For a special treat, place photos of each child around or on the board.