Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas i can be a Helper

It is great to teach preschool children about the importance of helping.  A bulletin board can help to send this lesson home.  The following points illustrate different ways you can make this board.

Show different pictures of ways that children can help

There are many ways that a preschooler can help.  They may help clean up at school and in their house by picking items up, putting their laundry away, helping to set the table, etc.  You can show a lot of pictures of these.  They can be drawings or paintings that you make or pictures that you print out from your computer.  If you want to get the children involved, then you can have them draw pictures of how they help around the house.  If they have a special job that they do in class such as if they help to hold up a picture book as the teacher reads, then they can include that as well.  When the children are involved, they may be more interested in it.

Instead of just putting up drawings, you can have up photographs of the actual preschoolers helping.  You can take pictures of when they are doing it or have them role play it.  This can be most of the bulletin board or can just embellish it.

Place a little story of someone who is helpful

You can make the bulletin board be a story of a helpful person. It can be in a comic strip format or you can just show pictures without any writing.  You can have the hero be faced with situations in which he or she can help.  Show them doing the right thing and hopefully the children will learn that this is the best thing to do.  You can also show that others help him or her.

Post up books where helping is important

There are many children’s books that revolve around helping.  You can put these up there for the children to look at.  You can also put up copies of the pages where this is most evident.

You want the children to be drawn to look at the bulletin board.  Try to make it neat and understandable.  Do not overfill it so that it is just a jumble of items.  Preschool children are young and might absorb simpler things better.  You can make a brightly colored background with colored paper, wrapping paper or even fabric.  You can embellish it with items like stickers and glitter.  You can use some pretty ribbon or paper to make a nice border. By spending the time you are likely to come up with a great bulletin board.