Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas i know how to Share

A bulletin board with the theme of “I know how to share” can be a very useful part of any preschool classroom.  Consider the following ideas for creating such a board.

Place pictures showing children sharing

A lot of preschool children cannot yet read.  They may learn best by seeing pictures.  You can place up different pictures showing examples of people sharing.  You should especially show situations that the children might find themselves in.  For instance, you could show one child on a playground giving another child a turn on a swing.  You can show a child sharing his or her toys with another child.  You can find pictures from the Internet to print out.  You can also draw in different pictures.  It might be great to get the children involved and one way to do this would be to have them draw different pictures of people sharing and then post those onto the bulletin board.  You can also have the children act out different sharing activities such as one child sharing his or her markers with the other kids.  You can take photographs of these and then use those to decorate the bulletin board.  Also, if you want to show a contrast you can have picture of them not sharing as well.  You can have the children have to guess which ones are sharing and which ones are not so that they can learn the difference between the right and wrong behavior.

Place items that you can share

You can show what the kids might share with others.  For instance, you can take real crayons and attach those to the bulletin board since those are a good thing that kids can share.  You can place pictures of the items that are too big to put on.

Show faces with different emotions on how you feel if someone does or does not share with you

Some preschool children are not as empathetic as others.  They may not share because they have difficulty placing themselves in other children’s shoes.  You can put up pictures of children with happy and sad faces, showcasing how one feels when someone does or does not share with them. 

It might be great to have a bulletin board that has a mixture of the different points above.  You can have both drawings and photographs of people sharing as well as the emotions each elicits.  If some of the children can read you can also put in some writing such as why it is important to share and how to learn to share.  Even if they cannot read you can read it to them.  This bulletin board can make a great addition to your preschool classroom.