Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas i know my Abcs

Preschool children feel an immense boost of pride when they realize that they are learning how to read. Knowing their ABC’s is something shouted from the rooftops when children come home and answer mommy and daddy’s question about what they did in school.

In order to help the children feel this sense of accomplishment and pride, the preschool teacher can, with the assistance of the students, create a bulletin board about the alphabet. This can go in conjunction with songs about the alphabet, and story time.

A bulletin board about the ABC’s is wonderful for the preschool classroom. To begin, the letters of the alphabet can be created by the children, and they need to be big and bright, as they will be the headers of the bulletin board. The children can use a variety of colours, but the size should remain fairly constant to avoid confusion.

The letters should have their uppercase, as well as their lowercase counterparts. These letters can be cut out of Bristol board, construction paper, magazines or newspapers, or printed off the computer.

Once the letters have been prepared, they need to be placed along the top of the bulletin board, in sequential order, with the uppercase first, followed by the lowercase. To begin, the class should sit together, and start to build up a list of words or pictures depicting some common items that begin with the corresponding letter.

The first thing to do would be to have each child place their own name under the respective letter of the alphabet. This will help all of the children learn not only each other’s names, but how to recognize the written name.

After the children have been named, the teacher, as well as the principal, secretary, custodian, and other teaching staff should have their names placed on the bulletin board (this is a great way to teach safety to the children, so that they know who is a stranger, and who they can go to for help in an emergency).

Next, the teacher could have the preschool children look around the room, and begin to place common object words on the bulletin board, such as chair, desk, computer, mouse, bathroom, pencil, glue, etc. Afterwards, common animals, fruits and vegetables, countries, musicians, and characters from movies or television shows could be put in their proper place.

Each day, during story time, one word can be chosen, by group consensus, to add to the list on the bulletin board. This is a great way to increase the vocabulary of the children, which will aid in their academic development. Learning how to read is a joyous and wondrous time for preschool children, and the bulletin board depicting the ABC’s that they know is a fantastic beginning.

The letter recognition that comes with this bulletin board idea is very helpful to preschool children. To go along with this notion could be a book of their own, that they create, which houses the words that they learn, and could be taken home and filled with the names of family pets, siblings, grandparents, and friends from extracurricular activities.

Learning the ABC’s is just the beginning of the magnificent academic odyssey in which they are embarking.