Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas i know my Abcs

This bulletin board is sure to please preschoolers who proudly declare, “I’m learning my ABCs!”  With just a little bit of time and effort, you can make a display that is colorful and attractive enough to catch their attention.  This board will also help reinforce what your students have already learned about the alphabet.

First, choose a plain background paper for this project so the ABC blocks and graphics will “pop.”  A dark green or black paper do especially well, as they have the old-fashioned look of a schoolroom chalkboard.  

In the center of the board, the letters A, B and C can be featured on three separate “blocks” mounted on the board.  These blocks can be made from small, square boxes or square chunks of Styrofoam.  They can then be spray-painted or covered in fabric or paper in plain colors.  Later, you will add letters of the alphabet to the six sides of each block. 

Prepare letters by using stencils to draw or trace on felt, foam sheets, fabric or any other material you wish.  In making the individual letters, be sure to keep the font simple so children can easily recognize the letters.

Once you have the blocks in place, you’ll have space to feature other things on the alphabet board. Here are a few ideas:

– Cut out pictures of ABC words like apple, ball, car, etc.  These work well and can be connected to the blocks in the middle by running colorful yarn from each picture to the letter that matches it.  

– You can also use individual coloring book pages that feature alphabet letters and pictures for D, E, F and any other letters on the sides of the blocks – or ones you are reviewing in class.  If you like, have an older student color them neatly in bold colors so they will show up better.

– A third idea is to hand out a color sheet with pictures of apples, balls and cars (or whatever ABC graphics you choose) and let the children color them before you cut them out.  Put each child’s name on the back of the item they wish to display and arrange them around the bulletin board.  

– Other ideas for featuring the alphabet on your ABC board – use alphabet and/or foam stickers and let children attach them to the bulletin board with your assistance.  If you have pre-cut letters of the alphabet, your job will be even easier!  For easy-to-do color sheets, graphics and/or flash cards you can use for the ABC bulletin board, click on these three sites. 

If the children in your preschool class are learning – or already know – their ABCs, this board will be a real hit.  Make it bold, make it bright and make it beautiful – with very little money, time and effort!