Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas i know my Numbers

A big part of preschool is learning numbers.  A bulletin board exploring this can be very useful in spreading this information.  There are different ways to craft such a board, including the following.

Break the board up into different sections, each of which contains a certain number of items

You may choose to break your bulletin board into several different areas.  In one area you can place in a picture of, affix or draw one of something.  You instance, you can draw in one shoe, attach one crayon to the board or put in a picture of one child.  You can then have the big number one on the board.  The next box can have two of something, then the next can have three and so forth.  You can do ten or however many you want.  You can have the children count them with you.

If you want to have the children have to count how many there are without having the number posted up, then you can hide the number under some sort of flap.  You can also mix up the boxes so that it is not in order of least amount of objects to most amount of objects but instead switches around so it is more difficult for them to just guess.

Have a big jumble of objects that the children have to count

Another fun way to make a bulletin board about learning and knowing numbers is to just place a lot of objects or pictures of objects on the board.  For instance, you can fill it with different types of stickers.  You can place multiple pictures of things like the sun, happy faces, butterflies, flowers and other things that preschoolers might like.  You can then say that the children need to count how many of a certain object there are (i.e. how many hearts there are).  You can do it as a class or as an individual assignment.  You can have the answers up there hidden as well. 

Decorate the board

You want the board to be eye-catching and interesting.  You can decorate it with a bunch of stickers and pictures of numbers.  Some numbers are sometimes written in different ways such as the number four.  A preschooler might get confused with these differences.  You can put up a bunch of graphics so that they can become familiar with these differences. 

A bulletin board about numbers can be an attractive and practical addition to your classroom.