Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas i Learn about Safety

It is important for children to learn about safety from a very young age.  Even preschool isn’t too young to start, and a bulletin board can help promote this lesson.  Consider the following ideas for such a board.

Put in different scenes depicting actions they should – or should not – do

You want to remind the children about different safety precautions that should be taken.  You can draw in pictures showing things that kids do to remain safe.  For instance, you can put in a picture of the children looking both ways and holding an adult’s hand before crossing a street.  You can show them wearing a helmet while bicycle riding or wearing their seat belt while in a car.  You can show them staying away from dangerous things such as strangers and fire.  You can draw out these pictures or you can print out different things from the Internet.  You might be able to find some ready-made teaching materials that can serve this purpose nicely.

Make a safety comic strip

A lot of children like comics, thus this can be a fun way to make your bulletin board.  You can make a character for them to learn from.  You can then show the character coming across different scenarios and show them doing the “safe” thing.  For instance, you can show them staying close to their parents, not taking candy from strangers and not climbing things that they should not climb.  You can show the type of decisions that they should be making.

Let the children participate in the making of the board

A lot of children might not look at the bulletin board if they do not partake in it.  One great idea is to have them draw a picture of something related to safety.  For instance, you can have them draw something that their parents always tell them to do in order to stay safe.  You can also give them some topics to choose from.  When they are done, you can post these up as part of the bulletin board.

Put up pictures of safety items

You can place up photographs of items that are there for safety.  These might include fire extinguishers, helmets, safety goggles and more. 

Focus on a specific type of safety

You can make your bulletin board more focused.  For instance, near the summer it can be about water safety and you can show things you shouldn’t do while at the pool such as run right around it.  You can do it about safety while riding your bike, safety around strangers, safety in the house, etc.  You can rotate it throughout the year.

A bulletin board can be very useful in teaching the children about safety and perhaps even helping them in real life situations.  Consider the above ideas when making such a display.