Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas i like Music

A lot of preschool kids love music.  Whether you are in a music classroom or just a general classroom, you might want to consider this as the subject of a bulletin board.  The following are ways that you can make such a project.

Place musical instruments on the bulletin board that the kids can actually play

You can let the children actually make music with the bulletin board.  For instance, you can mount a little child’s piano on the board that the kids can use.  You might have a bell.  You might have something that the children can bang on as a type of drum.  With creativity you might be able to have a bunch of different items represent real world instruments.

Have a music player attached to the bulletin board

You can also have music come from the bulletin board.  There are many small recorders that you should be able to attach.  When the children push a button it can play some music.

Have lyrics and pictures from popular songs posted

You can place different lyrics from some songs that the children are probably familiar with such as Happy Birthday and Old MacDonald had a Farm.  You can put up pictures to go along with these such as pictures of a birthday cake and of animals. 

Place pictures of different instruments

There are probably many instruments that the preschoolers have never even seen.  You can place pictures of common and uncommon instruments to show what they look like.  If you want to get the kids involved, then they can draw the pictures of the instruments themselves on papers that you post to the bulletin board.  You can write out the names of the different instruments as well as some information about them.  Even if the kids can’t read you can read it to them.

Focus on music around the world

Music is a near universal love shared by cultures the world over.  You can teach the children about music and culture at the same time.  Show instruments from different cultures and pictures if possible.

A bulletin board focusing on a love of music can help foster this important subject in young children.  You can decorate it with things that are related to the subject such as pictures of music notes.  You can even line it in sheet music for an attractive effect.  Consider the above ideas when making this board.