Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas my Face

Most preschoolers can point to their face and show you their eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks and chin.  Why not use the following bulletin board ideas to review what children know and help them understand even more?  They’ll even have some fun making silly faces!  

Bulletin board #1 – My face

Place an illustration or picture of a child’s face in the center of the bulletin board.  Enlarge, if necessary, so it can be easily seen by all the children in your group.

Next, write the following words – eyes, nose, mouth, chin, cheeks – on colorful card stock.  Be sure the words are large and bold enough to be easily seen by the children.

Point to each word and say it aloud, then spell it aloud and say it again.  For example, “Eyes.  E – Y – E – S.  Eyes.”  If children know their letters, they can spell along with you. 

Next, ask your students to point to their eyes and to say the word “eyes” with you.  Ask if they see the eyes on the picture you displayed on the board.  If the board is low enough for children to reach, have one of them come to point out the eyes.   

Continue on with other parts of the face, identifying them one by one and spelling them aloud.  Have someone point to each one on the face illustration.  When you put the words on the board, place them near the level of that part of the face. 

Remind children that “We’ve been talking about all the parts of the face.  Look around you.  Do you see eyes and a nose on another preschooler?   Can yom point to their chin and their mouth?

(Note: If some children ask why ears are not part of the face, explain that ears are part of our head, but the face is at the front of the head.  If the question about eyebrows comes up, tell children they “go with” the eyes.)

Bulletin board #2 – My face shows how I feel

Using different colors of craft paper and yarn, make several “faces” to represent preschoolers in your class.  The faces will be left blank until you discuss the emotions and feelings that go with them. 

Next, talk with children about how our faces show others how we are feeling.  Demonstrate how we look when we are sad: Our lips turn down or look pouty.  Our eyes seem very sad.  On the other hand, when we are surprised, our eyes are wide open, the eyebrows go up and our mouths might be open like an “O.”  Other emotions and facial expressions you may want to discuss include scared, angry, worried, relaxed, happy, etc.

Have on hand several cut-outs of mouths, eyes and eyebrows to place on the board as you talk.  Each time you put a new type of facial expression on the board, have preschoolers try to make the same face.  Make it fun!

You can also play a little game along with this bulletin board.  Ask one child to come to the front of the room and turn toward the bulletin board.  Whisper in their ear a facial expression to make and have them make it while the other children try to guess which face it is.

Bulletin board #3 – I take care of my face

Make an interactive bulletin board for children to touch and talk about.  For the face shape, use fabric or a textured paper to make the board interesting and ‘touchable.’  Add felt circles for cheeks, some yarn hair and brows, a red foam mouth, large googly eyes and a Styrofoam nose.  The chin can be identified by a slightly different texture of paper in the same color used for the face.

Talk about how we take care of our faces.  We wash them every day to keep them clean.  We wipe our noses with tissues if they drip.  We protect our eyes from anything that might hurt them ( sharp objects, bright lights, etc.)  We keep our mouths healthy by brushing our teeth. 

Okay, you’ve got three bulletin board ideas about “My Face.” Whichever one you pick, make sure your board is colorful, fun and educational.  To follow up with what preschoolers learn, why not provide some coloring sheets and activities to go along with them?