Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas my Feet

Preschoolers love their bodies. They can be fascinated with their own noses, hands, heads and feet. Use their love to teach them. You can use their feet, although not literally, to make bulletin boards. These fun, footloose ideas will delight your students;

Best Foot Forward

Create a first-of-the-year bulletin board with a little finger paint and the right foot of each student. Before you begin, prepare your work space. If you can’t do it outside, cover your floor with shower curtain from the dollar store. Provide a couple of small chairs for students to sit on when the remove and replace their shoes. Prepare a couple basins of water, soap and paper towels to use when the students are finished. 

Have each student remove the right shoe. Let them choose the finger paint color they want to use. Gently paint the bottom of each right foot with paint and have the children step on a piece of sturdy construction paper. Life the child off to avoid smearing the print. When the footprints dry, cut them out and write the child’s name across the bottom of the print. 

Cover the board with colorful paper. Place a flower-lined path across a trail. At the far right side of the board, place a finish line. Add the footprints along the path. Use stencils to right, ‘Let’s Put Our Best Foot Forward.

Whose Foot Is It?

The Foot Book, by Dr. Seuss, is a favorite of preschool children. This is a cute idea used to introduce the book. Trace the right foot of everyone on the preschool staff on colorful paper. Place them on the board about a week before you share the book. Let the kids guess whose foot they think belongs to each staff member. Reveal the right answers on the day you begin the book by writing the names on the patterns. 

Following the Footsteps of Jesus

Christian preschoolers will love seeing their feet in the sandals of Jesus. Trace both feet of each child. Write their first name on the left foot and their last name on the right foot. Also trace around a pair pf adult sandals and make enough tan or brown copies to match the number of children’s feet. Place each child’s foot in a sandal and place them on the board, making a curvy path around the board. Add strips of paper to look like a sandal. The board should say, ‘We are Following the Footsteps of Jesus.’

Word Wall

Create a word wall for the students using their feet. Write the words on the feet, horizontal to the edge of their feet. Place them on the board in rows in alphabetical order. 

Involve in the children in the bulletin board by placing their copies of their feet on the board. They will feel ownership and pay more attention to the board because it is a part of them.