Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas the Post Office

As you are teaching your preschoolers all about the community and the people they may be seeing in their neighborhood, the post office is always a fun unit to discuss.  Try these ideas that incorporate shapes and other basic skills into your post office lesson plans as well as to create a bulletin board and to get your preschool students at home or at school excited about the week.  

Use rectangles, squares and circles to create a mail truck.  Be sure to cut the shapes from red, white and blue colors and you may even want to print out a graphic of the United States Postal Service for children to cut out and place on their mail truck.  The rectangle creates the body of the truck, the square the top, and the circles the tires.  Cut out smaller circles in black for the inner tire and a smaller square for the postal truck window.  Place trucks on the bulletin board.

Using large squares and a variety of items in the classroom including crayons, markers, stickers and whatever else your craft drawer has to offer ask your students to create their own personalized stamps.  This way they can not only create the stamp as a process craft, but reinforce the basic skill of recognizing their names. 

Provide children with manila file folders.  Glue shut three out of the four edges and provides children with materials such as pictures from a magazine, crayons, paints, and markers to decorate the folders.   Be sure to include numbers and letters to create their first name and “address.”  This will be their “mailbox” for the week on the bulletin board where their papers to go home can be placed. 

Children love getting mail with their name on it.  The week before your post office unit send each child a card delivered to their house.  Ask parents to return the card and the envelope to you when the children come to school.  Keep a few extras on hand, just in case anyone forgets.  Place your paper down onto a table and have the children decorate the bulletin board with their mail on the first day of the unit.  Not only will children be included in the fun of decorating the board, but again you are incorporating basic skills such as shape, name and number recognition.  Older preschoolers can also take this opportunity to learn much of their whole address.

Scribbling is an important pre-writing skill for preschoolers to learn.  Offer the children 5×7 pieces of stationary paper to scribble a letter to Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad or any person they choose to “write” a letter to.  Ask them for a “translation” that you can write on the back.  Be sure to send the letters home at the end of the week. 

Each of these bulletin board ideas into your lesson plans requires simple items that most preschools or homeschooling parents will easily have available.  By incorporating shapes, numbers, letters and other skills you are not only providing an opportunity to reinforce those skills your preschooler or preschool class is learning throughout the year but providing the children with the opportunity to get involved in decorating and showing off their efforts in the best possible way on the home or school bulletin board.