Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas Things that Swim

Bulletin boards are fun and educational. They are a way for the kids work to be showcased and decorate the school and classroom. There are some fun things that can be done with bulletin boards for things that swim.


First put blue bulletin board paper on the top for the sky, then brown bulletin board paper for the sand. Last put blue bulletin board paper on the board for the water. Cut it with waves at the top so that it looks like water. It can also be crinkled in some places which will give it more of a 3D effect.

After the board is ready, print out or draw some pictures of fish on card stock paper. Give each child a fish of his or her choosing to color and decorate. This will be the top of their project. For the bottom part of the project have the child pick out an identical fish picture. Instead of the children coloring this one, have them put the name of their fish on it along with some interesting facts about the fish they have chosen. For instance if the child has picked a goldfish he or she can put the name of the fish on the top of the picture. He can tell where goldfish live, how long they live and any other fact he or she might find about a goldfish. Once the fish is colored and the facts have been written, have the child cut both fishes out. Staple the facts fish on the board first with the colored fish on top of the fact sheet so that the picture that is colored can be lifted up to read the fact fish picture.


Fish are not the only things that swim, people swim, dogs swim and other animals swim. Another fun idea that can be created using the same type of bulletin board as used in Fish in the Water is Race to Reading. The object of this board is to keep track of the kids reading progress.

Each student can pick out a character. They can be an animal or a human. They can color their character but need to leave a line or two so that they can write their progress as they read. There can be a finish line at the end of the board.  Each teacher can find a way to track the reading progress. One way can be to give points for each book the kids read. Put that amount on the character and place it on the board towards the finish line. Have a goal that has been decided on at the finish line. This will make reading fun and also show the kids their progress as they read.

 Bulletin boards are a good way to help kids track their progress and also provide decoration for the school. They are a lot of fun and a necessary part of every school building.