Preschool Crafts five Fun Things to do with Craft Pom Poms

Sometimes it can be a challenge finding craft projects that are appropriate for preschool age children. Many projects may be too complicated, too expensive, or too hazardous. They are simply not acceptable for young children. Don’t fret though; there are still plenty of great options.

Projects using pom-poms are a great example. Pom-poms are inexpensive and extremely versatile. They come in an amazing variety of colors, sizes and textures. The craft ideas below are simple, but adorable ways to use pom-poms with preschoolers. And on top of the hours of fluffy fun, most of these projects can be done for less than ten dollars.

Here are some valuable tips before you get started. Start collecting an arsenal of crafts supplies so that you can break out a project whenever the mood strikes. Give the child a variety of options to choice from. It is important to children to acknowledge that their opinions and preferences matter.

Remember that children develop at different rates and you should pick projects that are appropriate. Preschool age children are still developing and honing their motor skills, so projects with small pieces or complicated, precise direction may be too difficult. This may lead to frustration for you and the child. It is important to provide children with stimulating and challenging activities without discouraging them.

Try to find projects that you will enjoy creating as well. The child will have more fun if you are having a good time too. Remember to try new projects before introducing them to young children. This way you can ensure that the project is developmentally appropriate. You will also be able to more actively help the child with the project if you already understand it. Make sure to supervise preschoolers closely while they are creating.

Pom-pom Critters

Supplies: a variety of pom-poms, card-stock or felt, pipe cleaners, googly eyes or buttons, scissors and tacky glue.

To make a simple pom-pom critter use one medium or large pom-pom. Cut a heart shape pattern out of card-stock or felt and glue to the bottom of the pom-pom. This will be the critter’s feet. Glue the eyes or buttons onto the front of the critter. You may finish here or add embellishments such as antennas. To make antennas, cut two small lengths of pipe cleaner. Glue a small or medium pom-pom onto the end of each and let dry. Make a small bend in the opposite end of each antenna. Use this surface to help glue the antenna to the top of the critter. Your new pom-pom critter can also be turned into a pencil topper or a finger puppet, visit eHow to find out more. There is a way to make almost any animal or creature imaginable out of pom-poms and other simple materials. For ideas and to learn how to make your own pom-poms check out Nancy’s Pom-pom Palace.  

Pom-pom Poster or Card

Supplies: assorted pom-poms, poster board or card-stock, white glue, and a pencil.

Using the poster board or card-stock as the base, allow the child to glue the pom-poms on to cover and make a fuzzy picture. A picture or design can be drawn onto the base first, for example draw a Christmas tree, a rainbow, various shapes such as a heart, or even the child’s name in big, bold letters. Instruct the child to fill in the shapes or follow the outlines by gluing on different colored pom-poms. Fill up the whole page or just parts of it for different effects. This method works great for making greeting cards as well. You can also cut shapes out of poster board, such as a circle, a star or a pumpkin for Halloween and let the child decorate it how they like. You can also use other craft items to embellish the project. Lay out a variety of pipe cleaners, ribbon, felt, buttons, beads, sequins and jewels, crayons and markers, etc. Let your child pick and choice their favorites and watch as their imaginations run wild.

Pom-pom Flowers

Supplies: various pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and tacky glue.

To make these adorable, fluffy little flowers simply pick a medium or large pom-pom to use as the center. Glue pom-poms around the center pom-pom for petals and let dry. Glue the flower to a pipe cleaner to add the stem. If you would like to add leaves to your flowers, simply cut leaf patterns out of a piece of felt and glue them to the pipe cleaner stem. To make a beautiful poster color a background onto a piece of poster board, then glue on your flowers. You can also make a bouquet of pom-pom flowers. Wrap ribbon around the stems or put them in a vase. This makes a great gift. For instructions on how to make an upcycled paper mache vase for your flowers visit Make Projects. 

Pom-pom Wreath

Supplies: a variety of pom-poms, paper plate or foam wreath, and white or tacky glue and ribbon.

This project can be done two different ways. The simplest way uses a paper plate. Cut a large circle from the center of the plate to make a wreath shape. Let the child glue pom-poms to the plate to decorate their wreath. Using ribbon, create a bow and glue it to the wreath. To learn how to tie a decorative bow at Martha Stewart Living. To make a more elaborate wreath to use as decoration for years to come, start with a foam wreath. Using tacky glue, attach the pom-poms to the wreath. Make sure to cover the entire thing. Attach a decorative bow to add a finishing touch.

Pom-pom Jewelry

Supplies: various pom-poms, scissors thread and a sewing needle.

Make a cute bracelet or necklace with pom-poms. This method also works great to create colorful garland for any celebration. Let the child choice which pom-poms they wants to put on their jewelry. Encourage them to make patterns and count the pom-poms they choose. They will need your help to string together their creations. Cut a length of thread. Length will depend on the project. Using the needle pull the thread through the center of each pom-pom. When all of the pom-poms are on the thread, tie the two ends together in a doubled knot and cut off any excess thread. Make sure you leave enough room that the child can comfortably slide the jewelry over their head or wrist.

For more craft projects for young children using pom-poms and other fun materials visit Artists Helping Children, Free Kids Crafts, and Simple Kids Crafts.