Preschool Crafts Fun Things to do with Dry Pasta

Growing up with little siblings, a little cousin, and always babysitting it felt essential to be able to come up with a few cheap easy crafts that the child can show their mom or dad later on and can be proud of. The start of these cheap easy crafts is dry pasta. You can take a simple bag of pasta and create so many fun crafts that any child would want to do. So, here are a few pasta crafts that would get the creativity flowing.

Pasta mask

To create this mask you need dry pasta, paper plate, pencil, scissors, string, and glue. First you take the paper plate and with the supervision of a parent or guardian, cut the plate into the shape you want, and cut out some eye holes. It helps to draw the shape first and then cut along the lines. Next, cut two small holes on each side of the mask and tie the string on each side, so the mask can easily fit on the person’s head. Afterwards, get creative. Glue some pasta in the designs you want, maybe add some glitter, or do whatever you like to get the perfect mask. Make sure to let it dry before anyone wears it.

Pasta turkey

This is like the simple hand drawn turkey art with a twist. What you need is dry pasta, computer paper, pens, pencils, markers, colored pencils or crayons. First place your hand on the paper like you are making a hand turkey. After tracing the outline, let them color the details of the face and beak and whatever else they want their turkey to have. Afterwards start gluing designs onto that amazing ‘turkey When it is done drying it will be a colorful, specially designed turkey perfect for hanging on the fridge.

Pasta necklace

What you need is hollowed out dry pasta, string, scissors, plus beads, glitter, glue. First, cut the strong to the desired length, with the help of supervision. Then, start putting the noodles on the string dropping them one at a time. If you decide to use beads, make different designs doing different variations of beads and pasta. If glitter is involved than draw a design with glue on the pasta and sprinkle glitter on top of that, once its dry than place it on the string. After all your noodles are on the string, tie the ends and wear your beautiful necklace.

Remember to have fun when making your pasta crafts, and always clean up afterwards.