Preschool Games for Valentines Day

While much of the hype that surrounds Valentine’s Day is commercially geared for adults and those out of grade school, Valentine’s Day for children can be innocent and heartfelt simply by focusing on heart-warming games that focus on friendship as well as fun.

Whether entertaining a school class or a children’s party at your home, here are a few sure winners that will delight your party goers:

* A Valentine pinata: Most people are acquainted with the party pinata: that large paper creation that is filled with candies and treats for children to break open. With simple adjustments, this party favorite can work for Valentine’s Day as well. While you could probably purchase a pinata from a store, creating your own is simple to do. Cover a medium-sized paper bag with wrapping paper featuring pink hearts or flowers. Fill it up with favorite treats, and then add in a simple note to each child in the class, listing the things you like about that child. Tie a string around the top of the paper bag, and you’re ready to rock and roll!

* Who am I?: Put the names of all the children in your group in a hat, and have the children sit in a circle, and pick a name by turns. The child picking a name will then try to describe the person they picked by only listing their good qualities and without saying his or her name. For example, “(so and so)” is always cheerful, etc.

* Secret fairy: Have all the children pick the name of a classmate from a hat. Once a name has been picked, the child will then be that child’s “secret fairy” for the day, and will need to find ways to do nice things for the other without being noticed. Who can stay undercover for the whole day? And who was the nicest fairy? Children will have great fun with this one, and it will be a perfect opportunity to encourage thoughtfulness and awareness of others’ needs.

* The largest Valentine?: It can be easy for children to compare with others, and Valentine’s Day is ripe with opportunity for feelings to get hurt if one child appears to receive more cards and treats than another. Turn this around by making a game of tallying up how many Valentine cards can be given/or were given by your whole group. With this activity, everyone becomes a winner!