Preschool Lesson Activities for Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

Owl Babies, by Martin Weddell, is a book that offers many avenues for preschoolers to explore. The book can introduce owls and families. It can direct activities in art, science, psychology, besides making an excellent introduction for a field trip to see the owls.

Field Trips

The children can collect feathers on an owl walk or a trip to a zoo. Zoos will provide a more certain experience of finding the feathers and seeing the birds. However, some towns have raptor rescues and parks which give tours to school children and the public.


If the class cannot go to the zoo or park, ask the staff at those locations if they do outreach programs, in which staff visits schools with some of the birds. If that is not possible, check with volunteers at the zoos or parks. Many volunteers will take the time to share their knowledge with the students. Even student volunteers are available at some places.


The science activities a teacher can include teaching about the food the owls eat, and the habitat where they live. Teach how the feathers keep the young owls warm and how the feathers change as the babies get older. Teach them that different birds live in different families. Owls are in a different family than songbirds or ducks.


 Make owl babies from Styrofoam balls and let the children glue real feathers on the Styrofoam balls. Different sized pine cones also work well for the bodies and heads of owls. Have the children draw pictures of the owl babies at different stages in the story. Let children lace up picture cards of owls. They can make cutouts of owls also and use their motor skills.


Have children tell their favorite owl or bird story. See how many facts about owls the children can observe in each of their classmate’s stories. Let students share their stories of being alone or even how they felt on their first day of school.


Let children tell about the different emotions that the baby owls felt at different places in the story. Talk about the feelings that the students felt when their parents left them in a store or library. Discuss how all their feelings are okay.

Owl Babies offers various activities in a number of different subjects. This story tells children that it is okay to miss for their parents when they are away. The idea of the baby owls waiting for their mother outside of the nest is probably not an accurate observation. Owl babies will not sit outside of nest in real life.